Obama Lies?

Though it indeed is unfortunate, there is no denying the fact that the trust in government these days is at its lowest ebb.

Whether it is our own country or across the world, the words coming out from politicians are usually written in water because people have started believing that they are words which are to be not taken seriously at all. Hence, when the same words come from the same group of politicians who are running the government, it certainly becomes a kind of a joke for the ordinary man on the street.

Obama Lies

They are no longer even willing to take these words with a pinch of salt because they know the promises and assurances are made to be broken. Their commitments and promises have become somewhat of a joke and therefore it would not be a bad idea to try and list down a few of the many hundreds of lies which originate from the various government departments.

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Listing down all the lies would be next to impossible because the list is so big and also because of the fact that it keeps on growing from and over a period of time it would be virtually impossible to keep a list of all the lies being dished out by the government and politicians cutting across parties.

Your Internet Messages Could Be Searched and Scanned

The NSA could be in the habit of secretly collecting all email communications and other such information which you might be sending across the country and perhaps across the world. This is totally contrary and diametrically opposite to what has been told to the general public. The government tracks everything, even if you just click on “Sell LuLaRoe Clothing” they track and record everything you do at all times, its crazy.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the President, NSA – National Security Agency, and others are purposefully storing lot of personal information in the name of surveillance and what they state to the world outside is big lies to say the least.

Back Door Access To All Customer Database

If you believe that all your personal information available with banks, your life insurance company, your credit rating agencies and other such places are safe as a citizen of the country, you could be in for a big shock. It is indeed very painful to know thousands of gigabytes of personal information and information pertaining to ordinary citizens is secretly accessed by the government departments in general and NSA in particular.

Even phone calls are being tapped and the conversations are being recorded in the name of security and anti-terrorism measures. This well and truly compromises your personal information. However, what is stated to you as an ordinary citizen is that nothing of this sort is happening. Is this not government lies at its worst?

There Are Special Courts Which Accord Permission To Such Tapping Of Information And Access

The worst part is that there could be special secret courts which could be allowing such tapping and retrieval of information and databases without your knowledge. This court is a worldwide entity and is referred to as FISA court or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It allows government lawyers and attorneys to come secretly, where no representatives of the press, public or civil group are allowed to participate.

It would be pertinent to mention that FISA has rejected almost 34000 requests for surveillance of their activities. Such large scale violations of human rights cannot happen without the tacit understanding and sanction of the government. This certainly is an untruth that is being spread around by the state the governments which is total contravention to what has been stated by them in the preamble. It is a case of the state being the terrorist.

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The National Security Head Might Have Lied To Congress

In a stunning revelation James Clapper after lot of persuasion and grilling by the press, grudgingly admitted that what he said to Congress could be a bunch of untruths. It was about collection of email details from millions of users across the country in direct contravention to their liberty and confidentiality rights which they are allowed under the law and the constitution of the country.

They also collect telephonic details of conversations in bulk, but take refuge under the pretext that they do not target citizens unconstitutionally though the details could be available with them. When information is extracted unlawfully and through lies and deceit how can it be lawful and truthful. This is the question which comes to the minds of thousands of people.

Even Elected Representatives Could Have Been Threatened

Though the government flatly denies this, there are many more instances where there is a big gap between what is perceived as truth and what people consider as lies.

There have been many instances where press reports and investigative reports were used by elected representatives belonging to Republicans and Democrats to take one the security agencies and surveillance agencies. While officially talking about transparency and openness, there have been many instances where these security agencies, being so paranoid about terrorism and security have actually threatened a few elected representatives.

They have warned them of consequences if they tried to put pressure on them using the various press reports. Hence this is another instance of state machinery being used to spread lies and even resorting to state hooliganism. It is without any doubt one of the worst methods of trying to shut down public opinion and also trying to suffocate the voice of the fourth estate, which is the press.



The above are just a few examples of state sponsored lies and deceit. There are many other such occasions where the promise made by the governments and the actions that follow are diametrically opposite.

Hence it would be pertinent to state that public in general has started disbelieving whatever is promised by the government, especially those who are perhaps so bothered about the security, safety and well being of the country and its people.

While terrorism is a threat, it cannot be fought by being untrue to the own citizens. Each and every move has to be open and transparent. If there is a need to tap into conversations and emails of private citizens, it must be openly told to them. There cannot be anything more disturbing than what is being told and what is being done.

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