Lately, it seems like coconut oil has been in the news a lot and more people than ever before seem to be discovering it. However, people have been using coconut oil on their skin, hair, and cooking since the beginning of history in the areas where the trees have always grown, the tropics. Coconut oil is a very powerful superfood that happens to have a ton of health benefits no matter where you use it. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular uses for coconut oil today.

The Hair and Scalp Benefit Greatly From Coconut Oil

Whenever you see a photo of a beautiful Hawaiian girl with slick shiny black hair that is grown all the way to the waistline you surely know that she is been using coconut oil on her hair since birth. This great oil starts by nourishing the skin on the scalp, it kills dandruff and works to eliminate dry scalp as well.

coconut oil hair mask

It will also replace some of the natural body oils in the hair follicles which encourage strong hair growth and helps to prevent infections and acne. Once the hair has begun to grow, the oil maintains the moisture in the hair preventing split ends and dryness, ensuring that the hair can be grown long without appearing to be dry, frizzy and damaged. Another side benefit that should not be overlooked is that coconut oil can also be used to kill contagious pests such as lice and scabies plus prevent their return as well.

Coconut Oil Offers Excellent Protection for Abused Hair

Unfortunately, a lot of the treatments that women like to do to their hair are seriously bad for the long-term health of their hair and scalp. Things like hot curlers, hair color treatments, straighteners, and hair bleaches all are damaging to the scalp and hair alike. This superfood oil can help prevent damage caused by all of these treatments and help maintain a luxuriously thick hair and scalp at the same time all completely natural.

coconut oil hair mask

In addition to using coconut oil externally, you should also consider changing to this great oil in the kitchen for even more health benefits. The oil is full of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals throughout the body and oils can be the best hair mask 2018. This helps to prevent inflammation which is a leading cause of many diseases like arthritis, heart disease, and many other age-related illnesses.

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People with irritable bowel disease are also consuming this great oil to help them regulate the various symbiotic microbes in the gut and lessen their symptoms over time. They experience less bloating, better digestion, and fewer cramps with just a few tablespoons of oil per day. And, since the oil helps to remove unhealthy cholesterol from the blood, your heart won’t suffer from daily use of the oil either. Changing all of your cooking oil to coconut oil is a wise choice for a long and heart-healthy life.

While coconut oil is great for the scalp and hair, don’t stop there. It can be applied to the face, and entire body too. It’s healthy to eat, and has even been investigated for stopping tooth decay, so you should consider making the change in your life to coconut oil all the way around.