Sulfates are a common ingredient in a lot of hair care products and cosmetics, because they offer a nice lather and foaming effect, and they can help to loosen up dirt, leaving your hair feeling nice and soft and clean. Unfortunately, they haven’t been all that well tested, and recently there has been some evidence come to light that they might be harmful – although the harm hasn’t been proven yet, so sulfates are still allowed on the market.

Cosmetic Ingredient Reviews

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review says that sulfates are safe to use as an ingredient in cosmetics – but places a limit on the concentration of them in a product, and says that they’re only safe if they’re designed to be rinsed off the skin.

If you’re not satisfied with that recommendation, and would rather just avoid sulfates, you wouldn’t be alone. Indeed, even if you aren’t too concerned about the health risks of sulfates, some people find that they irritate their scalp, make their hair color fade, thin their hair, and dry it out – meaning more risk of noticeable split ends.

Sulfate Free Hair Oil And Shampoos

For this reason, a lot of people are turning to sulfate free hair oils and hair shampoos. The challenge there is finding a sulfate free product that is good enough to use, and that isn’t unsafe in other ways. Many companies have started to remove sulfates for the PR they get from putting ‘sulfate-free’ on the label – but then they replace sulfates with another chemical that could be even worse. If you’re looking for a shampoo or a hair oil that is safe to use, but that doesn’t contain sulfates, then check the ingredients carefully and make sure that they’ve replaced sulfates with some form of vegetable or fruit-based cleaning agent.

Alternatively, you could make your own hair oil instead. It is quite easy to make your own beauty products using coconut, hemp, argan or pumpkin oil – these are all great for your hair and skin. You can add essential natural hair oil to give your hair a nice aroma, and make the oils in small batches so that they stay fresh.

Hair Treatments

It’s definitely worth using sulfate-free hair products if you have had your hair permed or colored, because the treatments will last longer when you aren’t bombarding your hair with harsh chemicals. A lot of the commercial ‘natural’ shampoos are made with sunflower oils or argan oil and fortified with vitamins and minerals to help protect your hair and nourish your scalp.

Get Natural Shine Back

You probably won’t notice huge benefits the first couple of washes, but over time you should notice that your hair gets its natural shine back, and that it gets stronger and looks healthier when you start cleaning it with natural washes instead of harsh shampoos. You should notice fewer split ends cropping up between cuts, and you’ll feel better overall too, and as an added benefit you’ll save a fortune by spending less on commercial shampoos from big brands with over-inflated prices.