Hanging plant shelves are truly innovative items to use around your home. The advantages of a hanging shelf over a fixed one are numerous. Given that plants grow and bloom, their size and weight can be quite variable, and that might make fixed shelves not sturdy enough to hold them, particularly in the back. A hanging shelf gives you the chance to make sure that blooms and branches hang off both sides and have enough room to spread out.

A hanging plant shelf also means you can hang them in windows so that the plants get access to sunlight without having a permanently fixed shelf blocking your own light or view out the window. You can even use them to get more ‘real estate’ so to speak, as you can hang them above other things already on the floor or counters, letting you have more plants per square foot.

You can even use a hanging plant shelf to get some plants started indoors while it’s still cold and then conveniently carry them outside all together once it’s time to put them in the ground.

Still, for all their advantages, do you know where you can learn how to make a hanging plant shelf? Premade options are out there, but rather limited, so making your own is a chance to truly customize your home as you see fit.

Keep reading to learn your 4 best chances:

1) Workshops:

Your community nursery, garden center, or home improvement and hardware stores are likely to have workshops on various projects from time to time. Hanging plant shelves might just make the curriculum of content they cover, given it’s a chance for them to sell supplies and tools.

2) Online tutorials:

The Internet has so much information about building various things that it might be downright overwhelming. You can find everything from PDF files with instructions to YouTube videos that lead you through it step by step. Just make sure the author or source is legitimate and knows what they’re talking about.

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3) Kits:

Retail kits, bought either online or through a brick and mortar source, might be a DIY project with its own instructions. Once you do one, you’ve done more than most!

Hanging Plant Shelf

4) The Library:

Not only is your local library going to be a source of wonderful knowledge and information on quite a few subjects, but hopefully also a source of great wisdom regarding your local community and climate. Plants that grow well in your local hardiness zones might be exactly what you want to grow in a hanging plant shelf, or you might want to grow things outdoors that simply won’t last outside. In either case, your local library might have information on hanging plant shelves that work particularly well for where you live. Learn more here

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