When President Obama Promises Health Insurance Decreases of 3000% What Does He Mean?

Dan Hanover

Listening to President Obama’s speeches over time, one has to ask oneself if the President has any idea what he is talking about? The latest example a rally in Ohio where the President stated if your employer provided your health care, they would see premiums drop by as much as 3000%, and they could give you a raise out of the savings.

Let’s look at that.

Assume a health insurance premium of $100. Say it drops by 100%. That means the premium would be 0. A drop of 200% would mean -$200. A drop of 1000% brings that to -$1000. I’m sure you’re ahead of me and can see a 3000% drop gives you -$3000.
Katie bar the door! We’ll all get rich with ObamaCare with all this found money. Tell me it’s so, we have to make this a go. But how can this be true? And where does all this money come from?

It’s more than obvious this is absurd and could never come to pass. If the President can get it so wrong about something as straightforward as the reduction in health insurance premium savings in the
health care reform bill being proposed, what else does he have wrong about a bill he doesn’t seem to know much about. When politics cloud everything practical and real the problem is deeper than you think. One could conclude our President doesn’t have a firm grip on reality.


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