FPGA 101

FPGA modules are field programmable devices which are used in many modern devices, in much the same role as ASICs once were. They are affordable, customizeable modules that can be modified after purchase.


One of the biggest makers of FPGA devices is Xilinx. The company was founded in the 1980s, and makes a number of different FPGA systems to suit different price points and power requirements, including smaller, low-cost devices that are intended for use in systems that are low-power and portable.

Using FPGA Module

It is easy to learn how to use FPGA modules. They are flexible and popular with people who are looking to learn about electronics and logic, because there are affordable kits out there that can be used for prototyping.

FPGAs have logic gates on them which can serve as either simple AND/XOR or other gates, or be combined to make more complex applications. They also have memory – which, depending on the complexity of the device can either be used as a simple piece of storage for states, or be something more complex to store information in greater detail. Check out http://www.directics.com/parts/am29f032b-75ef/?partnum=Am29F032B-75EF

FPGAs are used in everything from cameras and ultrasound devices to networking applications. They are a part of many different devices and appliances on a consumer-grade level and also for more complex applications.

The market leader in FPGAs is Xilix, who have more than 50 percent of the market. Altera is another major player, and they second-source some production to Atmel. There are some other players in the market that focus on specific segments, such as high performance or low power, and the market has matured a lot over the last decade as portable devices have started to use them over ASICs in a lot of cases, and design software has become more freely available. Directics.com – EPM9560ARC208-10N

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