To look at the best places in Ohio to live, you have to dig deeper than the cities. You need to look at individual neighborhoods and school districts of course and much more. As you decide upon a place to live, you will naturally look at more of the specifics, but let’s look at some of the basics in regards to rankings for the best places to live in Ohio.

Cities of Dayton and Cincinnati

I mentioned in a previous article that I really like the cities of Dayton and Cincinnati. Let’s take a look at the rankings and see which neighborhoods in those cities are rated as some of the best places in Ohio to call home. One of the neighborhoods in Cincinnati ranks right at the top of the list, and it is Wyoming. Why is Wyoming such a great neighborhood in which to live?

First, the schools in Wyoming are said to be amazing. It is said to be a great neighborhood for families, and Wyoming is said to be a great place in regards to safety, diversity and housing options. It is a rather wealthy neighborhood whose residents mostly own vs renting. Now, let’s look some of the other neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods on the list

Columbus OH is a city with many neighborhoods on the list. Cleveland also has many suburbs and neighborhoods on the list. I’m going to stay out of those two cities at the moment, however, because I am going to focus on Dayton and Cincinnati. Cincinnati and Dayton both have many neighborhoods on the list, too. Cincinnati and the other two cities mentioned are bigger than Dayton, so that will have an impact.

Another neighborhood in Cincinnati that is a great place to live according to the rankings is Mason. Then there is Madeira, The Village of Indian Hill, Mariemont and Dry Run, to name some others. In Dayton, Oakwood is #1, and then there is Centerville, Bellbrook and Springboro, to name some more.

Find Some Great Properties

If you research those neighborhoods, you will find some great properties and wonderful communities. There are others, and there are certainly other cities besides just Dayton and Cincinnati. However, I just really have looked closely at those cities for research purposes and my guidance would be in that direction. Where you decide to live is up to you, but there are some wonderful place all over the state of Ohio in which to call home, that is for sure. So, consult Best Realtors in Dayton | Denise Swick today!