The English Bulldog is a medium sized, wide and compact dog with very short legs. They have a massive body and head with extra skin that is on the forehead and falls into folds. Their lovable cheeks extend to both eyes. They have broad, black noses with big nostrils and dark, deep set eyes.

They are really known for their cute underbite, and their tail is carried low, straight or screwed. As far as the coat colors, they could be pale yellow, fawn, solid red, red brindle or different shades of brindle. The coat can even be a combination of all of these colors.


Although they have an intimidating appearance, they are one of the gentlest dog breeds around. It is described as a loyal and affectionate dog that is gentle with children and are known for being courageous. They have excellent guarding abilities, are very stubborn and can be very persistent.

They seek out attention from humans, and enjoy every minute of it. In fact, they require a lot of human attention in order to stay happy. Keep in mind, some english bulldogs are slightly dominating, and they need an owner not only understands the alpha canine behavior but an owner who has strong leadership skills.

Although they make good family pets in general, they can be combative against strangers they do not consider part of the family pack. The bulldog who understands its place in the human family pack, is a reliable around people.

As puppies, they are full of energy, but as they get older they tend to slow down. They can snore loudly when they are sleeping, and they are known for slobbing and drooling.

Even though they have guarding tendencies, it is important to not let the dog believe that he is running the household. Dogs who feel they need to keep the household in line are generally more stressed than dogs who understand they follow their humans.

Where Can You Get An English Bulldog?

If you want to have one of these loyal and affectionate dogs in your home, there are some options for getting one. Your first option is to check your local animal shelters. There are many animals there that are looking for their forever homes.

Your other option is to look for a reputable breeder. Research for legitimate, licensed and reputable breeders in your area. Be sure to visit the breeder, ask questions and investigate the breeder’s facility before purchasing an English Bulldog.