The Lies about the Arizona Immigration Law

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If you’re foolish enough to get the state of the union directly from the mouth of the president you would think the new Arizona Immigration law requires police officers to take down anyone who looks Mexican, especially those little ones having ice cream with their family, you know… the real threats. Believe it or not the President actually did say,
“Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen.”

Yeah, Mr. President that is something that could potentially happen, if the law officer wasn’t following the new law. An officer cannot all of the sudden pull you over for looking like an immigrant, which would put everyone, “at risk of harassment” except for Native Americans. The law is in place so that officers that catch people already committing crimes or disobeying other laws can be asked to provide ID, you know like a police officer does whenever you get pulled over for speeding. So now we don’t only have a right to health care, but we also have a right to not be “harassed” by law enforcement asking us for identification?

The new state law also mirrors the federal law, it’s just the federal government doesn’t enforce it’s own law. So the state government actually made a law that was going to be enforced, crazy I know. So you’ll hear a lot of talk about how the law should be challenged in court in order to rally opinions against it, but you wont see any action because the law is perfectly sound and addresses a need so great in Arizona that it’s supported by 70% of the population. Something Mr. Obama can never understand as he continues to identify with less and less of the population.

After weeks of threatening the new Immigration law and that’s unconstitutional the administration’s Attorney General Eric Holder admits he hasn’t even read the bill or been briefed on the bill:


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  1. Nice try, but far off from reality. This is why you won’t have the guts to let me post this. The law is not only unnecessary, it is quite probably unconstitutional. Officers have already admitted that it simply leads to racial profiling and that it even obstructs their work. Now they have to ask their informants for ID if they look mexican and can be sued if they don’t. Way to support your police force. Thousandfs of Arizona cops have already complained about the stupidity and uselessness of the new law. The federal law was already being enforced by local police, they simply asked for ID whenever something happened and handed the potential illegals to the border patrol. Now, there have been cases of US citizen being taken into custody because they did not carry their BIRTH CERTIFICATE with them. Coincidentially, they all looked mexican. Look it up. Ask Clarence Dupnik, sheriff of Pima county. You guys here apparently did not read the law, because you misstated its content here.

    Oh, and they will pull you over for looking like an immigrant, now they are almost forced to do so.

  2. I already know this guy is lying because the law doesnt go into effect until August. And oh yeah, how come all these all people who voted YES for healthcare finally decide to look at the constitution? smh

  3. If I am lying, then the media is as well. Oh, and some sheriffs as well, just as joe Arpayo (pink undies)when they were on the news and speaking of first results from it. WHILE SHOWING PEOPLE THEY HAD TAKEN INTO CUSTODY!!!!!!! One third of them were definitely citizen by the way. And all of them were latinos, but there certainly is no racial profiling taking place, of course.
    And the Constitution was relevant all the time. Bush raped it which can be proven by facts (wiretapping, torture, rule of law) while not a single argument has been made which part of healthcare reform is unconstitutional. Just name one, and answer why none have ever been named in courts or the media or by legal experts.

    Nowhere in the Constitution is written : We shall let insurances rob us, not cover us if we get an illness that is expensive to treat, not cover our children and therefore condemn them if they have a preexisting condition and the state shall let thousands of citizen fall into bankruptcy or die.

    Do you guys know that the entire western world is shocked that the country that ranks 36th in healthcare and pays the most wants to be ripped of (even if only a minority) and is scared of a system that is still less social than any system in Europe. You know, thats where all those above 36th rank and where medical bankruptcies don’t exist.

    Watch the news folks or read, stop being so gullible and check the facts. So stuff like “it will take effect in August” because what happened then on Friday 23 of April????????

    See, just check the facts, or you’ll just be sheep.

  4. Read the bill here. Nothing about taking effect in August. Takes effect when signed because it immediately replaces parts of old laws.

  5. Harry,

    First of all, you’re an idiot. Second of all, cancer survival rates are higher in the US than in Britain and many other Euro countries. This includes Americans that arent insured. Why??? bc of wait times and the goverment deciding when and how a disease is treatable.

    third of all, kick all the illegals out. They contribute nothing and are breaking the LAW by being here. Close the borders bc if a broke mexican can cross, then so can terrorist. Ur so worried about the rights of people being taken away. And yet you dont care these illegals are breaking the LAW. Everyone should follow the laws.

  6. Well Al, I still don’t get why I should be an idiot, for you have not really justified your claim. You may still judge my opinion, as long as you acknowledge the facts. Just as rank 36 is a fact. This includes all relevant factors, in their respective magnitude. Just as when standards of living are being compared. Imagine how bad this is when the US still only came in 36th, even though cancer treatment works so well.

    If I told you that Iraqis have easier access to automatic weapons and claimed them having more liberties and a better life based on this single fact, well what would you think of my argument?

    Picking out a single aspect that is better doesn’t make up for all the rest. By the way, the reasons in all articles I read weren’t wait times, but many different ones, such as more tests being ordered by US doctors and tumors being recognized in an earlier stage. One also has to consider that Eastern European countries are counted as well. Also the article provided said nothing about “the government deciding” anything. They still have insurance companies in Europe. Oh, and still no medical bankruptcies.

    And stop thinking only with the right-wing brain cells. It’s not about illegals being naturalized or otherwise allowed to stay. Nobody is advocating for that when criticizing the law, definitely not the complaining sheriffs. It’s about US citizen being treated like criminals because of their ethnicity, nothing else. Just try to imagine being taken into custody because you are white. Isn’t that your greatest nightmare of what Obama might do? And now imagine that exactly this is happening. You just don’t care as long as other ethnicities are being targeted, even if they are your fellow citizen. HOW PATRIOTIC IS THAT? I don’t believe you would accept being rounded up in order to find other white criminals, even though you’re innocent. I wouldn’t! That’s not what the U.S. are all about.

  7. American Citizen on May 8th, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    I think citizenship should mean something. Otherwise what’s the point of being a citizen in the first place?

    I’m all for people coming in the front door. If they break in through a window they should be kicked out.

    @Harry, your arguments make no sense. You mention instances where government is corrupt, and yet you see the government as the answer to all your troubles. I’m sorry, but that’s just silly.

  8. Dear Citizen,

    I’m sorry but I have to tell you, that even if your comment seems far more reasonable than others here, you jump to quickly to unfounded assumptions. In no way am I trying to ignore the true value and importance of citizenship. Any country should be allowed to decide completely on its own terms who gets to live in it and who gets to benefit from what its people have created.

    I understand the illegals, but I don’t support them for simply taking advantage of what others have built. But I try to see the whole picture. I also don’t approve of employers who use them instead of hiring citizen at average pay. That’s close to slavery; and to feeding pigeons. It’s hard to blame the pigeons, anyone would do the same. It’s the inconsiderate old Gramp who should also be punished.

    But yes, illegals should probably be sent back or given the opportunity to get educated and contribute to the country in a sufficient manner. Not my job to decide.

    But what I (and police, and other citizen)was criticizing is the treatment of US Americans because of their skin color. And I don’t mean Green Carders, etc. but people whose parents were even born as citizen. They get pulled over under some fake pretense and detained in their own country because the look Mexican. (Police admitted that it works exactly this way, can post link of video)

    And as to me seeing the government as the answer to everything; that’s just plain wrong. I never said that nor did I give a clue to make this believe. This is just a simplification of left/right positions. Just some examples where the left is against gov. intervention while the right isn’t at all.

    Should states forbid gays to marry just because of how they were born or have become? (scientifically proven mult. times, it’s not a choice)

    Should the state be allowed to forbid women to abort or make it harder for them even though it’s allowed?

    Should we all allow the government to use the Patriot Act to wiretap Pacifists, Vegans, Quakers?

    Should the government be allowed to strip terrorist suspects of their US citizenship, but only if they have arab looking parents but not if they are right wing terrorists like Tim McVeigh or the guys who bomb abortion clinics?

    Should government officials be allowed to hold large shares of companies in whose favor they get to vote and decide?

    Should the government be kept away from regulating markets in order for Capitalism to work correctly, which would mean regulating casinos but not those who gamble with Trillions and hold the WORLD ECONOMY and the lives of BILLIONS in their hands, while having no obligation towards their country or even company but only towards their own wallet? (yes, too long, I know)

    These are just some examples of points in which the right wing sees the government as the only answer while most on the left thouroughly object.

    And I agree, the government is extremely corrupt. It was under Bush (Halliburton, environmental legislation, draining money from Irak, companies ripping off the military and letting soldiers die) and still is under Obama (Rahm Emmanuel, Tim Geitner, the Goldman posse). I would never even dare to object to that statement. But the problem there is that even in France where gov. corruption is kind of accepted, they are far away from the US system of officially bought politicians. The repubs often don’t even have to deny it, for many of their voters are single issue (like pro life, or anti-gay) and simply don’t care.

    What really disgusts me are the corporatist Democrats. As long as politicians in general get to vote against their people in order to let Health insurances ripp people off or let them die, let companies ignore safety regulations and have mines and oil rigs explode, their will be no justice served by Capitol Hill. All it would need would be enough support for a single president to get Campaign Finance Reform underway and the US would shine like nobody could have imagined.

    But how should this ever happen if we get divided by lies, populism and fear?

  9. Wow Harry, let’s keep it family friendly. And speaking of families, government should step in when it comes to abortion just like they should when any murder occurs. It’s one life living within another. Think about it.

  10. American Citizen on May 10th, 2010 at 9:40 am

    @Harry, now you’ve just gone off the deep end. I’m sorry I get lost in your 10 page response, and am a little confused at how a response to the Arizona Immigration law turned into a complete system dump of every single grievance you have.

    My response remains the same. Citizenship should mean something, and laws need to be in place to protect citizenship. I think the AZ immigration law is Arizona’s attempt to do that.

  11. The responsibility for this debacle isn’t some political faction or any of the vitrial I have read so far. The responsibility lies firmly on the backs of Americans who cannot or will not play by the rules and hire legal immigrants or American citizens. The 30 percent who don’t support this most likely fall into that category.
    The lunatics on this post are so far removed from the reality of ordinary Americans that it is simply staggering.

  12. Not to even mention the hundreds of thousands of illegals directly linked to organized crime. That is a fact which cannot be talked away.

  13. @Harry, I’m only going to address what you have here about the bill (as it is not yet a law until Aug.) in question. The fact is that yes most people who are affected by this will be Latinos, this is not due to racial profiling it is simply because they are the ones committing the crime. Yes it sucks, but it is the way it happens.

    Try this, I drive any one of my modified cars in any one of our 50 states and I am profiled as a street racer. I have never raced on the street, I am a members of Racers Against Street Racing, I am a member of Take it To The Track and a member of SEMA. Yet if I am seen driving even 5mph over the speed limit I am seen as a street racer. Why, well because most of the guys street racing have modified cars.

    Anyway I think you really need to consider a few other things. The law is not racial in any way and you really should first read it. It is linked in someones comment above and worth taking the time to read every line. It is in fact very similar to the Federal law regarding immigrants with the exception that it now grants the police the right to verify where there is reasonable suspicion.

    Did you know in any one of the 50 states a police officer can stop you on the street and ask to see your ID no matter your race, sex or religion.

    You have done nothing but rant and throw out half truths as your support.

    And as someone who is the 4th generation of his family here,2nd generation born here, a person with family in Argentina because they were denied entry & citizenship, as someone who grew up in and has the bulk of his family in AZ, a person with Latino relatives (who live in and support the AZ bill) I tell you this.

    You’re wrong and/or misinformed. I encourage you to read the facts, not from the news but from the published law itself.

  14. Well as I’m kind of starting to feel like a troll I will try to keep it short, but will probably fail at least at that. Yes, lost my temper. Hate to hear simplicities like “they think government is always the answer”

    @ admin
    Would start a whole new debate, but generally I would say that it is easy for us as men to believe we should be able to order women around and tell that their body is not theirs anymore as soon as impregnated (just because they are women?). Chinese government says “you, only one child” U.S. government says “we own you, have as many children as accidents happen, sacrifice your life, wealth and physical integrity. After all no contraceptive is infallible”?

    @ Citizen
    We agree in every single point of your statement. I just think that this attempts takes away rights from U.S. Citizen because of how they look and is therefore unconstitutional

    Again in agreement, except with 2 statements. The 30 % could also contain U.S. Citizen who will have to live in fear in their homeland because their legal status as soon as their backlight is defective, while those who are white will never experience this. And as far as being removed from reality; reality is where the facts come from.


    I’ m sorry but I have read the bill and must therefore object. It is not about committing crimes. Article 8 B.20 clearly states “any lawful contact”. This is not only crimes, it is any traffic or other offense they are SUSPECTED of.

    Your comparison with racing has only one major flaw. You chose to drive this car. No U.S. Citizen got to chose to look hispanic or white. But that’s what will make the difference.

    And for the extent of the law, THE PERSON WHO POSTED AND READ IT BEFORE WAS ME. And it is my job to understand what’s written in it. One could relentlessly argue about the conflict with the Supremacy clause(State/Federal law), but this will happen in court.

    But to say that it doesn’t change anything is just a simplification and wrong in detail. Yes, you can be asked to procure ID. That is why POLICEMEN (which none of the commenters seem to understand)complain about it being primarily unnecessary. But it also impedes their work, and does not allow, but forces them to check anyone who looks like an immigrant. They can be sued if they don’t. Didn’t you read that? (Article 8 E.37, 8 G.11)

    They had the right before already and simply handed them over to immigration. Now they can detain en masse whoever is unable to prove his legal status. AND NO, NOT ONLY IF THEY COMMIT A CRIME. Tell your relatives to have enough documents on them because your license is not always enough,depends on the “reasonable suspicion/attempt”. Just be ready to have your family come pick you up from custody with your birth certificate. Don’t believe, follow the link you mentioned.

    And to the status of the “bill”, signed into LAW on may 23rd and takes effect after 90 day period, in JULY. If we want to be so precise.

    Stop pretending that I try to side with illegal immigration. I’m concerned about the civil rights of law abiding U.S. Citizen who will be harassed by this while all those who look european are immune. or do you think that even though a majority supports it, policemen and the cities of Flagstaff and Tucson are suing to protect illegals????????

    How could I have kept this shorter and why doesn’t anybody acknowledge at least the facts or corrects me? I’m far from infallible after all ;-)

  15. Harry, you are wrong.
    I see you mention “any lawful contact” which does not authorize law officers to “detain en masse” but, as you said a traffic stop may prompt the officer to ask a passenger for ID that’s about as bad as it gets. And, yes they will more likely be latino but, my wife is European and has an accent so, she would likewise have to produce ID even if I am driving but, that is acceptable to us. There are always trade-offs and it is up to Arizona to keep its citizens safe which they have decided to do. It is true that law enforcement is now forced to follow through and proceed with determining immigration status. The situation in Arizona is no joke, they have thousands of foreign invaders walking across the border every week. The path through Arizona sees 50% of illegals that enter the U.S.A. and, Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the U.S. due to Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers obviously, Arizona has to do something about this problem. One would expect Arizona to have a tough policy in place to combat the influx of illegals. The airlines tightened up security by a whole lot after 9/11 and the public is largely supportive of the BS we now have to go through which are in fact far more intrusive measures to far more people than what Arizona is proposing. So, Harry, I suppose my question is what should be done? How do we remove those here illegally? How do we identify them? Understand, even if an illegal has good intentions they are committing a crime that is very costly to this country and Arizonians are affected even more severely than you or I.

  16. @HARRY
    C’mon Harry…this is bad for Police? That is your argument?
    If you lived in Arizona on in a border area lets say you bought a home a few years back for $300k and now its worth $150k the beautiful dessert landscape is completely trashed with garbage and human excrement and, crime in your city or town is skyrocketing. What would you expect from your police force? Would you expect them to make an effort to protect your interests and uphold the law? Illegals are SUPPOSED TO BE DEPORTED according to Fed law asking local Police to enforce this on contact only makes sense.

  17. Mannnnnn, I keep waiting for reasonable arguments and keep getting the impression that people just want to read want they want to see. AGAIN. I never said that illegals should be allowed to stay or that nothing should be done about them. I repeated that several times.

    @ Mattymon

    The main point of your posts is to explain why illegal immigration is bad. Nothing new to me, nothing I ever contradicted. What else it seems you are trying to imply is that if there is a serious problem, any measure is justified? That’s at least how it seems to me. Guess you never appreciated living in a coutry in which a thing called “rule of law” prevents this kind of reasoning. You will find it a lot easier in totalitarian states, in which the protection of citizen is of lesser importance.

    Being asked for ID at traffic stops is as bad as it gets? No, it absolutely isn’t. Maybe it was my fault if I didn’t clarify that enough, but virtually any contact with police is concerned. This means that illegals will be automatically unable to :

    act as witnesses, report crimes commited onto them, ever call the police if they feel threatened, maybe not even to help someone else, not report crimes that might occur or have occured with other victims as themselves.

    They have then become officially fair game, the ideal prey. Yes, they shouldn’t be there, but this witch hunt will do what they always achieve. Innocents will become victims and those targeted will suffer more than justice, the law and common sense could justify.

    And excuse me for saying it that way but bringing your wife into this is a joke. The police will be as likely to look for european immigrants as for those from outer space. You said it yourself, it’s all about mexicans. But assuming that her physical appearance fits the criteria, your only excuse would be not to have known what could follow. Or will you tell your wife how great the law is after she has spent a couple of hours in jail because she only had her drivers licence on her and you couldn’t be reached? And if afterwards she can’t leave the house without all her documents and has to envy other citizen or legal immigrants for looking less hispanic?
    Why would you marry a person and be ok with her having to live like this and being threatened that way because of her physical appearance? I definitely wouldn’t want anyone I love to feel ostracized from a country she is legally staying in. Many people have already compared the situation with Nazi Germany concerning the necessity for jews to carry their papers with them. If your wife is ok with a slightly comparable situation, you have done a hell of an awful job explaining it to her, or she must be used to being degraded. I sincerely hope the first is true, which would make it your duty towards her to inform yourself properly.

    Whern it comes to the police, again nobody dares to explain what reason police officers and cities would have to go to court and to refuse to follow the law. Explain why so many officers are against it. I’m not making that point; they are!

    And comparing this to safety measures at the airport is like comparing apples with oranges. All are subjected to those because it involves using a sensitive method of transport that is specifically threatened by a specific type of crime. And you don’t go to jail if you can’t find your boarding pass, you just don’t fly.

    All I’m saying is that if anybody had to prove his legal status, not just hispanics, then I would agree more with the law. Sure, we would be living in 1984 in a police state with permanently overcrowded detention cells but at least all would suffer alike.

    What you are saying is: “we have problems with some brown people. There is a brown crowd. Just shoot at it. There are citizen with the same rights as us but they can handle it.” Easy to say, horrible to say if someone you know stands in it.

    Only because I don’t have an answer to solving the immigration problem doesn’t mean that the most intrusive one is justified. Other methods are imaginable, which would simply cost more. But it seems the rights of brown US citizen are not worth that much.

  18. Harry,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and your debates. However, there are a few things I do not agree with.
    As you quoted….

    “This means that illegals will be automatically unable to :
    act as witnesses, report crimes committed onto them, ever call the police if they feel threatened, maybe not even to help someone else, not report crimes that might occur or have occurred with other victims as themselves.”

    Second of all…
    My father is white (European decent) and my mother is Chilean. I can wear my hair curly and look very Latina, or wear my hair straight and look like a white girl. My point, is that NO MATTER WHAT I LOOK LIKE….AS A CITIZEN….I WILL CARRY MY PAPERS WITH ME EVERYWHERE I GO!!! Then I don’t waste the police officer’s time, and I don’t mistakenly get hauled off to detention! And guess what the best part is? As a legal citizen…It is NOT an incontinence for me to carry my papers!!! Believe it or not…that’s all your “law abiding citizens” (whom you are worried fairness) will have to do so that they are not “targeted”…just like carrying a drivers license or a passport. It is by far the most proactive trade off! I carry my papers, and the illegals go back to their own country! *sigh* …….now, it may not be the answer to solving the immigration problem, but you can’t just sit around, do nothing, and let the problem escalade. You have to do SOMETHING. I think that Arizona is taking positive steps to help start the process. We can polish the law as we go…but we’ve got to move forward!

    P.S. Unconstitutional? haha…no way!!!

  19. @HARRY and I quote you “And to the status of the “bill”, signed into LAW on may 23rd and takes effect after 90 day period, in JULY. If we want to be so precise”

    So far you have 8 ppl against you on this forum,about the same ratio that are for the new law,you’re the minority and wrong.Do you even live on the border to be saying AZ citizens are wrong for voting for this bill? Also,the last time I checked,90 days is about 3 months,and to be so PRECISE 90 days from May 23 is August 23,learn some math on your off time.Yes August,not July,the law goes into effect so if latino citizens do not want to be picked up by accident,they have 90 days to get an official I.D. END OF STORY WITH THIS SYMPATHY B.S,GO HUG A TREE OR SAVE A SEAL. Also,you come off as one of these ppl who are FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH WHITE GUILT,(see below,you don’t mention asains,blacks) ENOUGH ALREADY!

    HARRY SAID,The 30 % could also contain U.S. Citizen who will have to live in fear in their homeland because their legal status as soon as their backlight is defective, while those who ARE WHITE will never experience this.

  20. Nice, at least people start to sound more reasonable, even if they disagree.

    @Spare me

    I understand what you mean by the “they shouldn’t even be here” argument. It still does not take into consideration what the constitution stands for. Citizen have the right to vote, but apart from that, most rights granted (I know, many others still) are human rights. Any tourist coming to the states gets almost the same amount of protection. The Constitution would not be what it is, if it said “only US citizen have inalienable rights”. That’s how all functioning democracies work. Even an illegal, while not having the right to be here, has basic rights. Yes, even if he is committing a crime by being in the States. Didn’t make this up :-)

    As for the papers, I mentioned before that you could find it hard to know in advance which papers to carry with you. Driver’s license is not automatically sufficient. Having to carry id is your duty, but having to be scared for not having enough of it on you (just imagine leaving quickly to the hospital for an emergency and ending up in detention, even with license) just isn’t right if it applies only to some and based on their looks.

    Oh, and as long as you are not (hispanic) Jesse Jackson, I would doubt that you can declare the law as a good deal for all hispanic looking folks (just joking)

    Oh, and “unconstitutional? No way” can only be said when there is not a shred of doubt. Or could you imagine the Supreme Court starting their argument in that way? Not that simple.


    You are right to assume that I don’t live on the border. At the same time, I never ignored or contradicted the arguments for something having to be done. There are problems, something has to be done. I just said that what was done is not the right thing, not that nothing should happen. As for the ratio of people disagreeing, I could come up with tons of historical examples for the majority being awfully in the wrong (lame, I know but Nazi Germany, just one out of many). It is never a good argument in itself. Even if it was the other way round, one single poster with a good argument could make me switch sides, but I haven’t read anything with this effect.

    As for the math, I like quoting my sources even though I don’t feel the need to post as if working scientifically. I am not even going to check my maths, because of the link to the AZ government website I posted that had the date on it. They have specific trigger dates for all things decided in one package. Just follow the link and see for yourself.

    Concerning the white guilt part, I feel that it is simply a matter of fairness and feeling of what justice looks like. If I imagine being in the situation, even though I will never experience it, it makes me mad. That simple. I ask myself why and find the answer in legal and ethical principles I cherish. Most posters above me seemed to feel that I didn’t understand their emotional involvement. I did. It’s just that emotions can’t tell you much about justice. I have to keep questioning myself why I think in a certain manner, and whether there is a reasonable foundation for it. Emotions alone can never really convince, they’re only your own after all. Ethically, there is no real and strong argument I have read or heard of against my position. Just emotional ones that say “situation is desperate, some will have to suffer, bad luck for them, shouldn’t complain about injustice I have not even tried to fathom in its entirety”

    And to others, what with cities and police sueing? Why only question my motivations and not theirs? Think about it.

  21. LivingRealityInAZ on August 17th, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    You are a very stupid person to make judgements you have no idea about firsthand. I live in AZ and have seen the problems firsthand for years. I have MANY FRIENDS in MANY FIELDS of law enforcement, both here and elsewhere in the United States. Almost all law enforcement officers WITH INTEGRITY (remember it is already a crime to be here without proper immigration process & a FELONY according to the Patriot Act) support and back this bill.

    You have no idea what it is like in Arizona buddy. You are one of thoses stupid (not ignorant) people who would rather give the whole country away to people who did not help build it or support it. These people (illegal aliens) are only taking from us. I personally know people who cannot get state funded AHCCCS health care because they make too much money (over $7 an hour), but there are plenty of illegals who are still sucking the government breast-milk and getting it with no problem. If you think that it is right that someone who was born here should be a second-rate person to someone who is a felon by even being here, then you have got to have rocks in your head instead of brain cells.

    Come over here and live in Arizona for a while, Harry. Oh, also, please leave your doors unlocked and post an American flag in front of your house so that you can find out for yourself how things really are in Arizona.

    You talk about something you’ve never walked. Kind of like that rapper Vanilla Ice from the 90′s. He was very popular, too.

    You should go out to the desert south of Tucson and try helping these wonderful people you speak of. That would be the fastest way to get yourself killed by these FELONS. You can start by doing your part to make the United States better by doing that. Please, sooner than later.

  22. I love seeing someone like Harry commenting like this. He did exactly as I expected he would from his very first post. Excuse me for profiling you Harry but right away I knew what you would do when responding to people. Everyone kept pointing out facts from what they experienced themselves and you kept pointing out what you feel to be true from an article you read online/newspapers and come off that your speaking for the people. It was awesome to see most people that disagree with you on here are actually living in AZ or going to be carrying their papers because they look Hispanic or European. Yet when you replied to them you skipped over that little fact that they are the ones effected by this and your not. Point is, they like this law because they want to be protected since its their land and their homes that has been in danger by immigrants who break the law. The immigrants come over with drugs to give to our kids and leave with stuff they stole from our house and none of them care whether the person they hurt was black white OR BROWN. This law and border patrol protects our citizens and yes that means our Hispanic citizens as well.

  23. I wonder were all these naysayers are from? Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire? It must be nice being so far away from the dirt yet having such a great perspective on everything. The law does not allow for profiling and has harsh ramifications if profiling is done. I wonder how many of you realize how much profiling is done today anyway, not that I am condoning it, at all, but if something happens in a predominately white neighborhood and the cops see a black people in the area, who do you think is getting pulled over?

    And yes the law is already in the federal books, but the feds aint gotten off of their buts to do anything since before Carter’s administration.

    The border patrol claims they do not tack the amount of numbers of people deported. seized, released, blah blah blah, which you and I both know is a lie, last year alone they Az. BP deported 150,000 criminal illegal aliens, criminal, meaning they were already rapists, murderers, armed robbers, etc. It’s estimated that 200,000 illegals cross the Az border, every year. Correct me if I’m wrong that means that 75% of those who are coming over are criminals who are committing the same crimes here as they are in Mexico or wherever they are from.

    I’ve got a really good solution for all you armchair QB’s move from where you are, buy property in Southern Az, and wait to see how much property you lose, and pray you don’t lose your life or the lives of a family member because of illegal activity, from illegal aliens. SO. If you are not willing to move out here and see for yourselves just exactly why we need this law, then SHUT UP. And that goes for all of you, Lib, Conserv, Libert, Ind. all of you, if you don’t know what you are talking about shut up.

    A Very Dissatisfied Customer

  24. Everybody is missing the point. If you are here illegally, you do not exist and do not have any rights. You exist with a ssn#. Only legal citizens can vote, legally own anything, legally do anything. Every thing now days requires a form of legal id. Bank accounts, credit, ownership of any form of property, library card, prescription and some non prescription drugs, marriage/divorce, obtaining medical attention, etc. A person commits a felony every time fake id. (a Federal Crime) is used. Federal law, which is not followed, requires every person to possess a form of legitimate id when in public. This federal law applies TO EVERYBODY.

    The illegal immigrant problem affects everybody, thus any attempt to fix the illegal immigrant problem will affect everybody.

  25. Harry, if a citizen of this country is driving without a licensethen they are breaking the law. Citizens are required to carry their own form of citizenship ID. If a person of Hispanic background is legal then their license will prove it. If everyone must carry a form of legal identification then why shouldn’t police be allowed to ask for papers proving your citizenship? The only reason they would need to do so is if they didn’t have a drivers license that proved citizenship. The DMV dispenses different licenses to non citizens. Hispanics can call it racial profiling but if they care about people being in this country illegally what is so bad about carrying proof of legal status with you?

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