Using Your Social Security Online

A social security number is needed for a wide range of activities. It is a vital number that is going to identify you from birth to death. It is essential that you always protect this number and ensure that it does not get into the wrong hands. With so many people getting online and completing forms and documents on the internet it has become much easier for social security numbers to get stolen online. This article is going to help protect yourself and your identity.

When to use your Card Number

When you are filling out a form always ensure that the individual or company truly needs your social security number. Many times the social security number is requested simply because it is such an easily identified number. However, it is important to try and limit as many people as possible from having your number. If you are filling out forms for a rental or school online, it is not always needed to use your social security number. The same is true when applying for utilities or cell phones. In some cases, you just may need to call and speak with a representative and find a work around.

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Protect Your Security

If you are going to be using a public computer in a library or school, always be mindful to close out all windows that have been used to enter your social security number. In addition, it is essential to fully log off the computer before you leave. Finally, be sure to watchful of those who may be around you. It can be far too easy for someone to take note of your social security number especially if they see you are filling out employment or financial applications.

Finally, never use your social security number in any form of email correspondence or documentation. It is far too easy for it to be lifted in some form of scam or phishing activity.