State of the Union Lies

State of the Union Lies
If you haven’t, you should watch the state of the union address.
Obama has at least provided change in the addresses he gives. Where the state of the union was once a honored sacred tradition Obama said outrageous things that made justices say out loud “that’s not true” and made statesmen laugh out loud at how out of touch he is. Congrats to Justice Alito for standing up yet still being a statesman by shaking his head and saying “That’s not true”.

Where it’s most clear that Obama has no idea what he’s doing is at 4:40 in this clip where he says, “that’s how budgeting works”. He has no clue how budgeting works if you thing you start budgeting when things get better. He just knows he has to budget to get reelected he doesn’t really believe you have to budget to save money.

List of State of the Union Lies

List of state of the Union lies provided by

  • Banks caused the economic crisis
  • Republicans prevented Health Care reform from passing.
  • Obama is ending the Iraq war.
  • Supreme Court decisions will allow other countries to participate in our elections
  • Millions will lose health insurance.
  • He will go through the budget line by line.
  • The bipartisan fiscal commission.
  • Overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming.


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  1. I started my own list of his lies.

  2. The list of lies keeps growing. NPR was straining so hard not to put down their messiah after the State of The Union address.

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