Expert bird watchers have managed to spot an outstanding 850 bird species in Costa Rica which makes up an amazing 10% of the total population in the world. To put this into clearer perspective, Costa Rica is the home to more than double the number of bird species than Canada and the U.S combined. This translates into outstanding birdwatching opportunities, that includes prized viewings of scarlet macaws, resplendent quetzals, bare-necked Umbrella birds and killed-billed toucans along with approximately 50 different hummingbird species.

Different Bird Species

The Toucans

In Costa Rica you will find 6 species of the toucan, and they are found in every type of habitat.

The Macaws

These brilliantly colored birds are immediately recognizable while they are in flight. The Great Green and Scarlet Macaws can be found in certain parts of Costa Rica.

The Hummingbirds

In Birds of Costa Rica there are 2 species of the Hummingbird that can only be found here. These birds include the Coppery-headed Emerald and the Mangrove Hummingbird.

Parakeets And Parrots

Parrots happen to be a few out of the biggest bird families in the world with more than 365 species. Costa Rica is home to 17 of these species of parakeets and parrots. The distinct species vary significantly in their sizes, from the tiny parakeets onto the larger macaws. The parrot is one of few birds which is able to imitate a human voice. These birds live for a very long time, with a few species that live past 100 years.

Poaching in the country of Costa Rica is still regarded as an issue. Illegal pet trading and habitat destruction all over the world has unfortunately decimated the population of parrots. Today, Costa Rica is experiencing a significant decrease in the parakeet and parrot populations.


If you had to think about a bird family that represents Central America it would definitely have to be the Motmots. These beautiful and vibrant birds originated in Central America and then radiated South. The Motmots are made up of 9 species in South and Central America and 6 of these can be found in Costa Rica. Two of the more common species includes the blue crowned and turquoise browed. The species known as the Rufus Motmot is an extremely shy bird and more difficult to spot and spends most of its time hidden in the Caribbean Rain forest. The most wanted to spot by the birdwatchers are the elusive Keel-billed Motmot and the Tody Motmot.