Polls show “July of Lies” Awakens American Public

More media is waking up to the Lies of President Barrack Obama. America Dissaproves of Obama's Lies In the examiner article entitled “Obama’s ‘July of Lies’ is Breaking America’s Heart”, Obama’s falling poll numbers from rassmussenreports.com are pointed out. Here at obamalies.net we are honestly surprised that that those that voted for Obama have found out so quick that they’ve made a mistake in voting him into office. They say that the product of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting new results. What does it say about the American People when Politicians such as Obama follow the same rhetoric as past politicians and the American public gives them the same result of being elected because the public genuinely expected something new. We were low in hope here at obamalies because it appeared as though the public had gone mad electing a man with such a short history and with so many sound bites against him (need we bring any of them up, they’re so many). What we will bring up here at obamalies, and continue to expose are Obama’s Lies. Here they are just for July-

These are just the categories that he lied in. We don’t have the time to break down each specific lie during the month- the man works to hard creating lies so that we can’t cover them all. Feel free to comment and add any lies that you feel should be exposed for the month of July.


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