Patriot Network Debunks Obama’s Claim of 2% Fuel.

It’s always nice to hear Obama’s teleprompter noise and have it contrasted with facts. To be honest the video’s a little dry, but it’s full of facts which is much more than we can say for Obama. Terry Lovell points out that the United States has enough energy in fossil fuels to last well over 900 years.

To be fair to Obama he said, “The United States has less than 2% of the worlds oil reserves.” Terry Lovell’s facts prove that this statement is terribly misleading but he doesn’t prove that it’s a lie because Terry brings up shale, coal and other fossil fuels that are not “oil reserves”.


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  1. Misleading, but not a lie. Going off of the first study Terry mentioned (Congressional Research Service Report R40872 [google "R40872]“), the “oil reserves” that the U.S. has is 0.84% of the world’s supply. Still significant, but below 2%.

    The U.S. does, however, beat Canada, Saudi Arabia, and China combined, but only in the “Total Fossil Fuels” category, winning by less than 5%. Too bad Obama didn’t use the words “total fossil fuels”. Terry is, what we like to refer to as a a fanatic; and a fanatic is someone who won’t change their mind and they won’t shut up.

    Too bad. I dislike Obama as a politician and I was really hoping this guy knew what he was talking about. However, in defense of Terry’s intentions, the tremendous amounts of natural resources that the U.S. contains and Terry mentions, hit Obama’s argument for renewable energy dead square in the nuts. Also, less than 2% of the world’s oil reserves is still no big deal. If I had 2% of the oil reserves I’d retire and buy Mexico…and turn it into the largest golf resort in the world!…and let no one else play on it.

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