Obama Admits He Can’t Change Washington

There goes hoping for change. Now all he has is Mitt Romney will give your wife cancer. Read the rest of this entry »


Four Years of Lies in one Video

This video review of Obama highlights some of the most important lies from Obama over the past four years.

Here’s just a few of the big issues covered:


Healthcare Takeover: Cost, Keep your doctor, rob medicare, Single Payer

No Tax increases on the Middle Class Read the rest of this entry »


Are We Better off Now Than We Were Four Years Ago?

A question has been put forward that has the Obama administration struggling to answer. “Are we better off now than we were four years ago?” What seems like a simple question that is asked of any politician seeking re-election seems to be a stumbling block for President Obama and his campaign. Over the next few months the campaign will try to craft and spin an answer to that question while ignoring the reality. Here are just a few of the facts that should not be overlooked.

National Debt
2009: 10.6 Trillion
Now: 16 Trillion

Food Stamps
2009: 32.2 million people enrolled
Now: 46.2 million people enrolled

2009: 7.8%
Now: 8.3%

Median Household Income
2009: $54,983
Now: $50,964

Gas Prices
2009: $1.85
Now: $3.80


Lie: You didn’t Build That!

build it



Here’s just a few examples of how we did build it…



Obama Attack Machine At It Again

The Obama Campaign is lying about Paul Ryan’s Medicare Reform proposals. Will the press let them get away with it? As we sit here laughing. Sure, they’ll cover it.  Sure they will.  Check out the full article linked above on The Weekly Standard’s website.

Today, at 9:22 a.m., Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sent out an email blasting Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, Wisconsin congressman and House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan. “[Ryan's] plan also would end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in health care costs to seniors,” Messina wrote.

Update … Nothing yet. Here’s another attack from earlier in the day from Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC,  ”This is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women.”