Obama’s Pledge to Cut Deficit in Half Laughable

Soon after Obama took office he pledged that his administrated would cut the deficit in half. Closing in on the last year of his term his pledge made in February of 2009 is laughable, and just another item on his list of lies.

As we discuss raising the debt ceiling, it’s clear that the deficit is not expected to shrink anytime soon under Obama’s watch.
In all fairness you could say it wasn’t a personal pledge, he was just reading off of teleprompters as always. It’s the teleprompter that should be fired.


2 Responses to “Obama’s Pledge to Cut Deficit in Half Laughable”

  1. What a Joke! Obama Lies the Economy Dies

  2. I have more respect for a man that will spit in my face than I do for one who will lie to me.

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