Obama’s Healthcare Lies Mounting

It’s understandable that the president would get some facts wrong on other families health care stories such as when he got the details of the man with gallstones wrong saying, “They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it.”

In fact, the man didn’t die because the insurance company rescinded his coverage once he became ill. The efforts of his sister and the office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan got his policy reinstated within three weeks of his April 2005 rescission and secured a life-extending stem-cell transplant for him. He died nearly four years after the insurance showdown.

Perhaps you can’t call that story a lie. He may have been just misinformed, but the story that he told multiple times about his mother has some new found facts that contradict his story. Obama would say, “The insurance companies were saying, ‘Maybe there’s a pre-existing condition and we don’t have to pay your medical bills,’”

Turns out an important fact was left out: she was struggling with being denied disability coverage. She infact had heath insurance and was only left to pay what the insurance wouldn’t cover which amounted to a few hundred dollars each month, what many American families pay for heath insurance. She was trying to get her disability coverage to cover those expenses as well, that was her struggle with heath care.


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  1. This lie is repeated in the slick 17-minute campaign video, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” by narrator Tom Hanks. He first told this lie in a 2008 presidential debate and again during a 2009 town hall meeting selling his health care package.
    As quoted in Investors Business Daily, May 11, 2012, pA15 “All three accounts are fictional. A new book puts the lie to his story. According to “A Singular Woman: THe Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother” Dunham had an employer-provided health insurance policy that paid her hospital bills directly. Her insurer, Cigna, never denied payment for her cancer treatment. THe deathbed dispute was over disability coverage to replace lost wages, not medical coverage. But the Obama knew this. As his mother’s lawyer, he reviewed all the insurance claims.”

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