Obama’s GM Lies

General Motors is the new Amtrak.
It seemed a little odd when the President of the United States was suggesting one week that the CEO of GM should be fired and the next week he is fired. It’s spooky when the United States owns 40% of a private business, even more unsettling when they own that portion of multiple private companies. It’s unbelievable to see what great strides have been made to socialize the Nation and American Business in the last few months as we now see the United States Taxpayer owning the majority of a company together with the auto union and making line item vetoes to their budget. Although the ad division of GM is still in good shape, see GM Re-Invention, but they’ve adopted Obama’s habit of expanding the truth. The future of the actual GM products is dire.

It doesn’t take many case studies in order to predict the true future of GM. A great recent example is the government’s ownership of Fannie Mae and Freddie mack. Those are two companies we’ve heard nothing but good from. In the transportation business we see that the government has created such grand standards of success as Amtrak- a company that has about 2 billion government dollars pumped into it each year.

The simple lie of Barak Obama on the subject of the GM take over is that the government has become “reluctant shareholders.” The truth is that the American People have become reluctant shareholders. Barak Obama has just seized more power in the last few months than any true American president has ever done before, not letting each “crisis go to waste”. From the same Economic geniuses that threatened unemployment rates of over 8.5 percent if the Recovery Package hadn’t passed, we are now hearing that a collapse of GM would cause “enormous damage to our economy, beyond the auto industry.” At some point enough of the American population will realize that the choices made by the current US government are bad for the future of America and they well speak up enough to vote the virus called socialism out of Washington.


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  1. So where exactly is the “LIE”? The radical neo-con administration of George Bush started us down this path or have you conveniently forgotten that?

  2. The mess now is purely Obama’s. His lies about what would happen if we didn’t bailout GM are exactly whats happened with the bailout money. GM should have been left to go bankrupt earlier, with last tax money wasted. By they way, your Bush comment. Nothing like a President that rather blame the previous President then face up to his own actions. Obama’s decisions have led to the current distrust, and all the current troubles in the markets.

  3. Bush and Obama work for the same boss, Wall Street.
    The President is nothing more then a corporate pitch man.

  4. Sign the petition for the resignation or impeachment of Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid at SHADOWFAXREPORT.com. They have broken their oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. If they do not resign they should be impeached for treasonous acts.

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