Obama Will Not Rest Until BP Spill Stop

Obama GolfPresident Barack Obama said Wednesday the 26th of May that he “will not rest” until the oil leaking from a ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, and added that the disaster “underscores the necessity of seeking alternative fuel sources,” Fox News Channel reported.

So What’s happened since the 26th of May?

May 27 2010 10:35 AM Obama welcomes the NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion Duke Blue Devils.

May 27 2010 11:00 AM Obama and Biden take a photo with former President Bill Clinton and the U.S. World Cup Soccer team.

May 28 2010 4:35 PM Obama arrives in Chicago for Memorial weekend.

June 19 Golfing with Joe Biden

Jul 11 Obama Spent Sunday on the Golf Course.

Jul 17 2010 Obama’s spend the weekend on Mount Desert Island, not on the southern Coast as they advise others to do.

For more events see the RNC ad below:


9 Responses to “Obama Will Not Rest Until BP Spill Stop”

  1. I think “will not rest” is not a literal statement and I think you are confusing “lies” with “promises” and promises unfortunately do not always result as anticipated. Half of the things on your site you are calling “Lies” sound like statements or promises to me, some may have not been fulfilled yet or may never for whatever reason. That doesn’t mean that the statements were not made in good hope. Has every hope/thought/promise/good intention in your entire life been fulfilled? If so that’s amazing. I don’t love Obama but I think its ridiculous to be so extreme that you have nothing better to do with your time than count all the bumps in the road and stalk the president to watch for anything that isn’t what you want to hear. Not all promises can be followed through on immediately and not all come true at all.

  2. @Rachael. Wow that’s incredibly low standards to think that promises unkept are lies. That’s the problem with everything. If your word doesn’t mean anything what are you worth?

  3. You guys missed some of the real lies about this story like why the poisonous dispersant continued to be used when hundreds of other alternatives were available? Answer: The Company that made the chemistry is Nalco. Guess where their world headquarters is? Naperville, IL.
    BP is not allowed to use that chemistry in their own country as it is band in the North Sea. Our very smart green president said hey it’s ok for the Gulf of Mexico. Think NALCO will be chipping in on the 2012 BHO run. Even Brazil and Venezuela will not use it and they have two of the worst environmental records going.
    There is the drilling moratorium costing the U.S. 250,000 jobs for 6 months some more. In the mean time the companies that were supposed to be drilling here and could not went to the coast of Venezuela and Brazil and started drilling there. The president was ok with it. Offshore drilling is not ok here but the two communist lead countries 600 miles across the Gulf of Mexico using the same drilling companies BHO ok. I would call that lie by omission.
    He then capped BP’s liability at 20 billion for a problem that will reoccur like Alaska for the next 20 years. Claiming it was all cleaned up. They will be the only oil company donating to him.

  4. Seriously get a life and stop hating, I don’t see you doing a damn thing for the country besides complain about what the president does or doesn’t do. He was thrown in a shithole on an economy as it was. Just saying, it’s probably not a walk in the park being president. Just look at how much he’s aged since the 4 years he’s been in there. The next is gonna be just as bad as the ex.

  5. Haters, yeah, none of us hate, but in this specific incident, he didn’t look like he was trying as hard as he should have been. If there was an accident in my workplace, I would be asked to get on the scene immediately, and assess the situation. I would have to put my own family obligations, my leisure activities, and so on, totally on hold because of this. There is no such equivalency for the politicians, and they, including our president have little more than this condescending, contemptuous attitude. How our president could not have figured out the size and the seriousness of this disaster to similarly cancel a few activities is beyond me. Instead, he came down about a month later, promising that he knew whose ass to kick. That is material that I despise in a president, because in the work that I do, i.e. construction, you get fired for behaving as our president did. You lose respect from all sorts of people if you were in a leadership position.

  6. You know, I have to say that I think GWB went on vacation several times during disasters. Didn’t it take him several more days after Katrina before he felt the pressure to come off a month long vacation!? But all that aside, I believe that it is perfectly reasonable for any President to expect some down time. They have all the technology available to do there job from virtually anywhere anyway. Also, Obama had no idea how incredibly long that disaster was going to go on when he made this promise. He went golfing. So what? What, do you expect him to be down there in waders mopping up oil with paper towels or something? I’ll bet everyone who’s judging Obama never went to a movie or golfed during that entire disaster! Ya right! He’s human, and I really don’t know what a bunch of people who have a shit-fit every time the man even glances the direction of “regulating private business” expect Obama to do about a disaster that a PRIVATE company created, claimed to have control over, and was responsible for fixing.

  7. Im so sick of people misrepresenting what the president says or inferring things he didnt say and then saying he lied. Doing that is equivalent to calling your readers retarded.

  8. I think you’re missing the key items on your timeline.

    The thing I remember about was that at one point he told a story about how he had spoken to his daughter, assuring her that he was working on it. Now, that was undoubtedly another lie, but it underscores how he was telling people he was working so hard on it. So that needs a date.

    Later – and I think this is the first time Obama really took my breath away with his outrageous behavior – it came out that the first time he so much as called BP was after about a month and a half. Since BP were the only people involved with knowledge of, and expertise in the subject, there’s absolutely NO WAY he could have been doing a damn thing about it until at least then. So you need that date, most of all.

    Another thing you need on the timeline are the times when people like Kevin Costner were looking to use their gadgets to help out, and he did NOTHING to try to help them get past the bureaucracy (they never did). States wanted to try to protect their shores with berms. He stood in the way. (Needs those dates too).

    In fact, he did absolutely nothing to help out – at all. Apparently, he sat back hoping for as big a disaster as possible, so that he could get away with as big a swipe at oil companies as possible (such as shutting down drilling that wasn’t even the dangerous kind). All he ended up doing was to strong-arm an oil company into paying money that it had already agreed to pay – even though it legally didn’t have to – which resulted in an added layer of bureaucracy that delayed the funds, causing further harm to businesses.

    The point isn’t that he had some days off, when he said he “wouldn’t rest”, it’s that he never, ever, did ANYTHING to actually help. So the date that BP actually plugged the hole – with no help from Obama whatsoever – should go on there too.

  9. @Haters – I don’t recall anywhere that Obama was selected out of all the US Citizens to become the next president. He new what he was signing up for, he raised millions of dollars and spent endless hours to win this ‘shithole’ of an economy. What he did do is fool millions of people into thinking he could actually bring 2 parties together, when he just sent them the furthest apart that I can remember in 40 years. ‘Hope and Change’ and ‘Yes we can’…now we just make excuses for him, and feel sorry for him…not the rally I remember at Grant Park in Chicago on a nice November evening.

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