Obama the Tyrant

Here is the proof that Obama is a Tyrant. Now this may seem like complex logic for some as it does use what in math we call a transitive relation. But it should be right at home with the Elitist types that seek to control every aspect of the general populations’ lives through Big Government.

  1. Obama likes Big Government
  2. Big Government is Tyranny
  3. Obama is a Tyrant

For those that need a little help. A (Obama) is related to B (Big Government). B (Big Government) is related to C (Tyranny). Meaning A (Obama) is related to C (Tyranny).  Or in other words, Obama is a Tyrant.

Since Obama continues to support measures that seek to increase the size of government even in the midst of one of the biggest recessions in years.  I think it’s safe to state that point #1 is true.

Therefore the truth of this proof lies in the strenth of point #2.  So, is Big Government Tyranny? Unequivocally, YES.  Big Government seeks to oppress the people.  It seeks to burden the people with extreme taxes.  To regulate every aspect of their lives; robbing the people of their very freedoms.  The peoples right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property.

The Founding Father’s of this country tried to strike a balance between Tyranny and Anarchy when they framed he United States Constitution.  They strove to create a system of government that wasn’t weak, yet wasn’t oppressive. They did a good job.

It’s time that Obama the Tyrant stopped oppressing the people, and started easing their burdens.  Reduce taxes.  Quit growing the size of government.  Help businesses, and quit punishing people for making money.  Do it now!  Quit waiting!  It is not evil to make money.  Obama needs to quit punishing people that do, or we will never get out of this recession.


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  2. During the state of the union it seemed as if Obama has come uncorked.

    Like a little child that doesn’t get their way throwing a temper tantrum.

    He took argument to the supreme court.
    He chastised the republicans on health care.
    Blamed Bush for budget problems.

    When Bush spoke about WMD in Iraq he at least quoted intelligence reports. Obama cited not a single source that back up his statements. When Bush “lied” the left wingers out there sold bumper stickers and signs proclaiming “Bush Lied, People Died”. Where is that outrage now?

    Obama lied not once, not twice, but many times in his SOTU and continues to do so in appearances. The media were quick to fact check a few items but seemed to just scratch the surface. Probably not want to invoke the Wrath of King Obama. A lesson learned after Fox News had a few problems.

    And to those of you who say ” But he was elected he can’t be a dictator” I say “Hitler was elected, Stalin was elected, Castro was Elected, Saddam Hussein was elected, and so were many other dictators in history.” It is not how a dictator obtains the position it is what they do with it that matters. It is time for congress to start thinking for themselves and not follow King Obama blindly down the road from democracy to monarchy.

  3. Amen…I see the logic here. I’m no crazy right winger that the lamestream media likes to claim anti Obama thinking people are…I’m just a person that loves my Liberty, God and my right to carry a firearm and I have never seen a president so hell bent on collapse of this countries monetary system. When a president punishes those that make a profit and employ citizens- and creates jobs by growing big government to snatch more power I tend to believe the notion that he/she is a tyrant! he is on course i believe to being a dictator. The facts are all there…I pray that the wrath of the people (GOD and country driven) can stop it before it gets too out of hand, ifin it ain’t too late already. We probably only know the half of it as it is…we only get what the state controled media tell / show us! I’m just sayin! Wildbillo

  4. If you think that’s a pertinent point, think about this:

    1) Cats have 4 limbs
    2) Socrates had 4 limbs
    3) Therefore Socrates was a cat.

    Oh, and big government isn’t tyrannical, corporate-funded government is.

  5. thank you @citizenlambda, i think we’re stuck on whether big government is tyranny. looks like we need to convince you that big government is tyranny before you’ll agree with us.
    for that I guess we’ll have to figure out how much in taxes you can bare, before you think the government is tyrannical. Can you bare 30%, 40%? Maybe 50% or more? Maybe the question is, do you even work? In which case case you are a part of the tyranny and we are your slaves.

  6. Obama…what a shame. I am ashamed that we voted into office such a weak selfish human. I hope that he has trouble sleeping at night. I wish that he is tormented by his own existence. May his life be a disaster of his own design.

  7. Obama wants to implant verichip aka mark of the beast into everybody is an example of his big government. He is not the antichrist but he is a cruel tyrant who wants to take our freedom away.

  8. this is the most ridiculous and hilarious thing I have ever read!! hahahahhaah!! what about bush/cheney conning us into a war?!(Cheney’s Halliburton has made 80 or 70% of the bush tax cuts going to the 85-99th percentile and 1%? corporate subsidies?

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