Obama Talks over English National Anthem

President Obama had to pull this one out of Joe Biden’s playbook- Talking over the English National Anthem. Obama thought that it was, “like a soundtrack” to his speech. As you watch the video you’ll notice that the Queen was NOT amused and everyone else in the room felt very uncomfortable. Even the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg looked uncomfortable as Obama explained that he thought the anthem playing was “like a soundtrack”.

As he went to raise his glass the Queen ignored him as the National Anthem is was playing and it’s not tradition to toast, or to speak while the anthem plays.


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  1. I really feel kind of sorry for the Obamas and their “down home” style. It seems like every time our beloved President goes over to formal Great Britain, he screws up or Michelle screws up. I remember one other time they were there, instead of doing the usual curtsy to the Queen, Michelle gave her a hug. LOL I guess next time Obama will high 5 Prince Charles or something. I can’t wait. I bet Obama cringes every time he hears they are going to be whisked off on Air Force 1 to London. You know with the limo bottoming out in Ireland and then this special “toast” he had to think the American media was going to have a heyday with it. This is just too much. Look at Camelia behind him, and the cheshire cat grin the Queen’s husband has on his face. I love it!

  2. Honest mistake as I see it. He was giving a toast and some Pompous Brit decides that it’s time for the Anthem mid way through it? Treat em like we did back in 1773 I say. F! em.

  3. Oh, dear, Eric, your obamessiah syndrome is showing. “some Pompous Brit”? “decides”? I’m sure you’re right; it’s not as if these events are planned months ahead of time, and I’m sure it was just a spur of the moment error on the part of…of the conductor, yeah, that’s it!

    Why can’t you face the fact that this man does not care enough about Western civilization to respect its traditions? Nobody expects everyone to know everything right away (tho’ you should have a protocol staff), but the repeated infantile boo-boo’s by Dea Leader are not reflecting well on our country. But he never seems to mess up the muslim traditions, does he? Curious.

    Face it. He’s not culturally one of us and beyond that, he’s in over his head. God knows affirmative action has caused problems before, but to elect an affirmative action president is a real doozie of a dumb thing to do.

    Thanks, obots everywhere! (Some day about 10 years from now, when you’re out of college and in the working world, you’re going to look back on your excuse-making and worship of this idiot and be ashamed. God knows I’m embaressed by my leftist days, but the worst damage I did was to help elect Bill Clinton twice.)

  4. eric, i am british living in america since 1986. were you refering to the fging brit that are fighting and dying alongside americans in iraq and afghanistan. i wouldnt be surprised really, obama is prepared to throw 3,000 british citizens to the wolves in the falkland islands. is he rewarding the argentinians for their efforts on the war on terror alongside the americans. oops i forgot they dont have any troops fighting alongside the americans.

  5. CynthiaPatriot on July 12th, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    For Eric: When toasting royalty, and you speak the words “To the Queen”….that is the cue for the anthem to begin play….it wasn’t some whim, it is a small detail called protocol. Presidents and First Ladies have been observing this since the Washington’s era. The Obama’s, however have obviously never been educated in this aspect of public office. They continually show their ignorance, thus, disregard and respect for other world leaders and heads of state. It is, bottom line, a lack of respect for Western Culture….he has no problems with Muslim leaders and their protocols.

  6. I loathe the idiots that praise Obammy & Michelle, as if they are deserving of anything other than a boot squarely placed up both of their ***! Neither of them know squat about protocol of “Western” nations, but he gladly bends over for a King of Middle Eastern countries. He needs to stop aiding those same folks who want to kill us & are financially raping us with ridiculous oil prices. I’m a full-blown American & know more about the royal social graces than these boobs do. Either let this year be the end of the world or the year left leaning drones snap out of their dazes to vote for those who are deserving & learned enough to see our nation out of the red.

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