Obama Single-Payer System Lie

Here at Obama Lies we have real work to get done as most conservatives do. If it wasn’t for us do you think this economy would stand a chance? Obama is keeping us busy, however, with his ever more blatant lies.Obama Joker Single Payer Lie

Obama Who are you Fooling?

He said at a town hall,

“I have not said that I am a supporter of a single-payer system”

Did no one send him the video that has been circulating where he says he wants a single payer, universal health care system? President Obama, we want to believe you. We want to believe that you can accomplish all of our hopes, but we are unsure if you have been lying to your liberal friends of if you are lying to the American people. With this evidence of your lies to the American people about the single payer system, how can we trust you to do anything for our benefit?


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