Obama Oval Office BP Lies

obama lies bpYou may have been offended by Obama taking advantage of the gulf coast crisis to push his new tax plan saying that, “we cannot afford not to”. What was the most frustrating point about his speech for me last night was Obamas lie that we had to go to the deep waters to find Oil, that our days are few where we can still use oil.

The facts are that there is plenty of oil that we can get closer to our shores and on land, but Laws have pushed companies off into the coast and into deeper waters making it more expensive and dangerous to harvest energy.

And to say there isn’t very much oil is a crock. There is so much oil we can’t keep it from gushing out of the pipe. Go ahead Mr. President and tell the people suffering from this spill that there isn’t very much oil. There’s plenty and there would be more for us to use than to kill our fish and wildlife if laws would allow companies to work in safer locations.

It was no lie that we need to cut our dependence on foreign fuel, but we don’t have to add a tax that will cripple American Families in order to get there.

Third Party Lie

Obama announce in his speech that a new fund would be setup then managed by a third party. Wednesday morning it was announce that the Pay Czar would be administering the account. Then after the meeting with executives Obama again talked about how the Account would be managed my an independent third party. Well according to Obama his Czar was that third party and will “administer” the account. So how is this Czar a third party?


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  2. waiting for November on June 23rd, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Obama will use any means to accomplish his ends. Lying just happens to be the most used one.

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