Obama Links to Fast and Furious

Fast and FuriousFast and Furious was established to get guns into the hands or cartels and then to track those weapons and see how the market functioned. The program has failed miserably highlighted by the killing of a US agent by the weapons used in the program.

Project Fast and Furious was funded by $10 million in stimulus: Think about all the criminal and drug cartel jobs saved or created. The Obama administration is raising scrutiny of gun buyers in the border states rather than investigating Fast and Furious, a program that armed criminals with no scrutiny at all.

The incompetence of this program is clearly responsible for the death of Border agent Brian Terry and it’s the level of incompetence that has the Obama Administration’s fingerprints all over it. Eric Holder has been pushing off congress as much as he can and keeping his mouth shut but the lies are bound to get out.


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  1. Imagine that.. The president wants to know why the gun sales are at record highs in these border states… Possibly guns are cheaper and more accessible here than Mexico.. Which would bring you to the conclusion if I wanted to make some extra money in these states easily I could just sell some guns to some cartels across the border… Just a thought…

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