Obama Lies: Mandates Purchasing Health Care

A reader sent us this lie of Obama’s that he didn’t want Mandating on purchasing Health Care Insurance. Here’s a line from the transcript of the Feb 26, 2008 Democratic Debate in Cleveland:

OBAMA: No, there is a difference. I do provide a mandate for children, because we have created programs in which we can have greater assurance that those children will be covered at an affordable price. BUT WE DON’T WANT TO PUT ADULTS IN A SITUATION IN WHICH, ON THE FRONT END, WE ARE MANDATING THEM, WE ARE FORCING THEM TO PURCHASE INSURANCE, AND IF THE SUBSIDIES ARE INADEQUATE, THE BURDEN IS ON THEM, AND THEY WILL BE PENALIZED. And that is what Sen. Clinton’s plan does.


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  1. A MUST watch….

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