“Obama Lies, Grandma Dies” T-Shirts Now on Sale!

People in Portsmouth N.H. are bringing signs that say, “Obama Lies, Gramda Dies”. Nothing could send the message better than a bunch of grandma’s wearing a t-shirt with the message “Obama Lies, Grandma Dies”. Buy one for your grandma today and help take back our country!

Obama Lies StorefrontObama Lies Grandma Dies

Obama is doing a great job of making it look like he is everyone’s best buddy and wants to help us out. The fact is the slogan “Obama Lies, Grandma Dies”, is the type of slogan the conservative moment needs to wake people up. It may not be your grandma that ends up dying because of this bill, it may be that your Grandma only has to take pain pills instead of getting that operation she needed. Of course those are Barack Obama’s words not mine. Take time and actually look at the facts. You break it down and Obama has definitely lied. This Health care bill will cause more people to die and bring down the overall quality of life. Besides those two things it will be a major power grab for the government. Support Liberty and peacefully voice your opposition.


5 Responses to ““Obama Lies, Grandma Dies” T-Shirts Now on Sale!”

  1. This is so stupid

    what is wrong with you people.

    Obama is trying to make health care BETTER not screw it up .

    CHANGE is GOOD people.. no your healthcare is NOT fine the way it is. give me a break .

    your grandma is going to die soon anyway, get over it.

  2. My Grandma is already dead thank you. Change is not always good especially when it comes at the expense of the American people. A government subsidized program will never work. It will lead to rationing, and increased taxes.

    I for one and tired of being taxed to death for other people to sit on their lazy butts. Tired of those that enjoy the fruits of other peoples labors without doing anything themselves.

  3. It was funny when you libs went around with ‘Bush lied. People died.’ but it’s not funny when your boy gets that slogan associated with him. Not all change is good. When as any government program been a success? Let’s see? Medicare? Medicaid? Social Security? All going bankrupt last time I looked. I can see how compassionate you libs are with your comment about ‘grandma is going to die soon anyway, get over it.’ Yeah, this is all about compassion, isn’t it? No, it’s about power and controlling people’s lives.

  4. My partner is American (I am a Briton) and she has followed the Obama healthcare campaign. Look at it in detail – it’s very, very dodgy and nothing like the N.H.S. in the U.K. (it’s worse). Why such a massive document? Why is Obama refusing to give direct answers to questions? How can Obama be “not at liberty to answer” a question when he’s the leader of your country?

    I may be a Briton, but I’m all for a system where people can have private insurance but those who can’t afford it still get healthcare. But that is not what Obama is actually proposing in his bill.

  5. To DJ Massacre. Change is Good? Slogans are what put Mao, Stalin, Hitler, et.al., in charge of the ‘people’. Suckers who drank the KoolAid. Who are you to determine the fate of Grandma, or anyone, for that matter?
    An intellectual you are NOT!

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