Obama Lies- Even about Sports

white sox liesAfter his girl pitch yesterday Obama was asked Who’s one of your Favorite White Socks Players Growing up?

His response:

You know ah, I I thought that ah, you know.

The truth be told is that a lot of the cubs I like too. Um but, uh, I didn’t become a Sox Fan Until I moved to Chicago. Because I ah, you know I was growing up in Hawaii so I ended up actually being an Oakland A’s fan.

He goes on to talk and talk hoping that the announcer forgets that he had ever asked the question and that Obama couldn’t even name a player because he never really was a fan. He was to busy hanging out with his radical friends to ever care about an American sport like Baseball.


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  3. Seriously? Because he couldn’t name a player he isn’t a fan? I am a fan of the Mariners and Seahawks and couldn’t name you a single player.

  4. Yup. If you’re a fan you actually know something about the team, otherwise what are you really a fan of? Kind of like being a fan of Obama cause you know he’s for hope and change but you have no idea what he did while he was a senator. Obama was a senator? Yeah…. Thanks B.

  5. “otherwise what are you really a fan of?”
    The team as a whole?

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