Obama Lied about C-Span

Obama Lies Again!! The Lies that matter most are the ones related to the biggest issues. Obama’s attempts at Government Health Care is a huge takeover of the private sector. Health Care is an issue that NEEDS transparency. The American People need to know what is really going to happen with Health Care. Backroom deals by the Democrats are not acceptable.

Candidate Obama was aware of this and that’s why he promised transparency. He promised that health care meetings would be aired on c-span.

The truth is, that the the house and senate have created bills and meetings are being held in private without C-Span cameras as promised.

Perhaps president Obama just thinks that C-SPAN is biased like Fox news and we should do away with it?

obama's transparency lies

C-Span coverage of the Health care negotiations has become an issue after C-Span’s CEO Brian Lamb asked to get his cameras into the negotiations. In a press conference with Nancy Pelosi she laughed off the promise of the negotiations being held on C-Span by saying, “A lot of things are said during the campaign trail. narf!”

If this video gets any time in the mainstream it will be then end of the Obama era of Opacity.


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  1. I am appalled by these blatant lies by an American President to the American People. It is downright despicable. I know of only two types of people all over this world that tell incessant lies like this president publicly—chronic alcoholics that sit in a bar drinking while spewing their BS about themselves or enemy dignitaries or leaders of foreign countries with something to hide. Absolutely disgusting… God help us all. Eric

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, but presidents cannot dictate senate or house sessions. Although the Obama administration has been more forthcoming and transparent than previous presidential cabinets, we could argue that the American people have always been kept in the dark. Most Americans could handle the truth regarding foreign and domestic policies and blunders, but, unfortunately, too many entrenched officials (only a few being elected politicians) have a lot to lose by freedom of information. If we live in forced ignorance, are we free?

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