Obama Iraq Withdrawal Lies

Obama Iraq Withdrawal LiesHere’s a good video that covers the lies of Barrack Obama about the withdrawal from Iraq. It was clear that Senator Obama opposed the war in Iraq, but his promises during the campaign have not been fulfilled as shown in this video. Obviously this is a lie that progressives are more upset about, but it’s something where people can unite against Obama as he oughtright lied and has not come through with his promises.

That’s about all the unifying this topic does. The Right understands he lied, but believe that the lack of fulfillment on his promises is because the man child realized you can just up and leave a place that you’ve already decided to occupy, unfortunately Iraq has gotten messy and we’ve got to clean up before we go. Obama probably realizes in order to redistribute the wealth and socialize America we have to have an America and thus he’s maturing on defense.


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  2. Obama campaigned on ending the dumb war in Iraq and focusing on Bin Laden and the forgotten war in Afghanistan. All U.S. Combat Troops will be home for Christmas in 2011, Bin Laden has been brought to justice, and the drawdown is begining after the surge in Afghanistan. Get out of yer echo chambers once in a while! LOL

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