Obama denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans

UPDATE: The supreme Court has now ruled the mandate to be a tax because the mandate would be unconstitutional.

In this video Obama not only denies that Obama Care is a new tax on all Americans, hitting the middle class the hardest, but also calls what he’s doing a “campaign”. He’s the president that never grew up and became president. In his campaign for Health Care approval he’s pumping out the lies like never before: telling the American public one thing while convincing the courts of a completely different story.

Obama also tells George Stephanopoulos in the video below that he can’t just make up the language of a tax increase, so George goes to the dictionary, where Obama replies “your stretching”. Whereas Obama must not be stretching, but just ignoring reality to say that the government requiring everyone to pay something is not a Tax.

So after Obama made this effort to call ObamaCare anything but a tax the Administration will now seek to defend the law on the basis that it is a tax. That’s right the Administration is defending the new law as part of the government’s “power to lay and collect taxes.”

While once defined as a “penalty,” the cost of being uninsured is now embraced as a tax that is expected to raise $4 billion a year by 2017, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The most telling moment is when Obama says, “My Critics Say I’m taking over every sector of the economy” and Stephanopoulos just looks at him like, yep. Can anyone reading this deny that he’s taken over GM and fired the CEO, bailed out large banks, taken over the Health Care industry with ObamaCare and he’s well on his way to taking over BP?

This President could care less about the Constitution, the public, or laws, as long as he can achieve his agenda.


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  1. Well… its not a Tax increase. I was in an accident with a guy who didn’t have car insurance. He was arrested. If someone who falls down and breaks something doesn’t have insurance, I don’t think the city (tax dollars) should have to pay for it. Mandatory health insurance! Not a tax, a necessity.

  2. It is a tax increase because he’s having every American pay for it, how else do you think it’s being funded, from his own pocket, I don’t think so. When you impose, (basically meaning you force a policy on someone, especially when Americans screaming to kill this bill vastly out numbered those who screamed for it, then you forced your way onto them. The same way the English did to our founding fathers, and that is why we kicked their backsides across the sea.

    Besides, have you looked at your insurance premium lately? I know my deductible went from 500 to 3800 since the institution of Obamacare. I also know that services for children with developmental disabilities have been slashed, because of Obamacare, and correct me if I am wrong, isn’t that why our forefathers instituted teh system we have is to bare the infirmities of the weak?
    Um yup, a very Christian concept from very Christian leaders. Please by all means don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourselves, and no that doesn’t mean wikipedia, a liberal propaganda tool if I ever saw one. Don’t be lazy go to your city, state, or county records office, every thing you will ever need is right there, after all it is public record. Duh

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