Obama Calls Hawaii Asia

You’ll catch it in the first 30 seconds. Obama’s giving this speech in Hawaii and says, “…here in Asia…” I suppose you could blame it on the teleprompter.


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  1. Actually, we did steal Hawai’i away from the natives in large part due to its proximity TO Asia after World War II. But for our imperialism, I’m pretty sure it’d still be considered part of Asia. It’s only been a state for what, 60 years? In fact, Hawai’i boasts a population of 40% native Asian people. White people are the minority. Oh, I’m sorry, have you never been or something?

    Only post I even had read on your site to know you’re an angry, ignorant American! Next.

  2. Come on, Ashley. Obama was born in Hawaii. There shouldn’t be any confusion here. But I agree, this is a pretty dumb post. Simple mistakes happen all the time.

  3. No, Obama was born in Kenya!

  4. If it was one mistake then sure everybody is human, but considering this guy is the president of the United states, you think that he would be able to recite that Hawaii is apart of North America and the US has 50 states not 57. All the meanwhile every democrat and there pathetic mom is watching T.V. waiting for any GOP politician to fumble up and say something wrong so they can call them stupid and uneducated. It’s a huge double standard.

  5. Actually, Hawaii is indeed part of the Polynesian subregion of Oceania. Being part of the United States does not make it adjacent to North America.

  6. i feel like its wrong how they’re always tryna say somethin bad about the President or make him look bad, just cause he’s black.

  7. @RockStarKidd Keep in mind no one brought race into this until you did. Bringing race into the argument means that you can’t debate with facts and logic, so you have to try to diminish the President’s opponents by saying their racists.

  8. I am a military vet who served for YOUR freedoms that you enjoy I could care less if he’s
    White, Black, Yellow, Green, or Blue my injurys left me in a wheelchair yet I’m on a homegrown terrorist watch list. This man is a joke how many times did he go on vacation to visiting the troops? Look at the people he puts in power, they are ripping of the taxpayer.
    Example GM the got a bailout now there setting up to build and sell there cars in China
    and put more AMERICANS out of work, only to employ China. And to say folks say this becouse he’s black? Well I must say sir or mam you are RACIST. Obamas mother is white in both of his books he slams her. When asked how he feels about whites he states a a coil of rage, he also states that he is MUSLIM and will side with Muslims hence the bowing and sending his wife on a second jet when they travel to a Muslim country so the don’t have to follow Muslim law. Wake up America this man need to be removed from office.

  9. So saying he gotnobel peace prize because of pigment wasnt bringing up race? Pathetic !

  10. Maybe he meant ” here, in Asia” or it was a simple mistake

  11. His comment couldb be a simple blurb and this is much-a-do about nothing, and on its own merits insignificant. On the other hand, it could reflect his Anti-colonialist ideolgy. He is recognizing that America has colonialized this region of Asia. Like most colonialization, it is a good thing for the region and the colonial power. People fail to recognize that most colonized areas were not a paradise before being colonialized. Hawaii was inhabited by canibals, India by widow burners. With respect to just leaving people alone and letting them continue in their heathen, decdance, you don’t have to be of the Judeao-Christian doctrines to know that murder and human sacrifice is wrong. So, much for anti-colonialism.

  12. APEC = Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit – Not making excuses but, I think he was referring to the meeting he was attending

  13. He’s an idiot!

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