Lies About Obama

Open the floodgates. We’ve already got the running list of lies from Obama’s mouth. Now we bring you the collection of Lies about Obama, ranging from inaccurate news coverage, to email lies like that, “Obama isn’t a Citizen”.

Now as we collect the Lies about Barrack Obama keep in mind unlike the liberal bloggers funded by George Soros, we all have real jobs, so If you’d like to submit a lie about Obama you can submit it here and we’ll take a few minutes to check out the source and post it on the site.

Reporting- Lies About Obama

I only saw Rod Blagojevich once at a baseball game.
There is no source for this quote because Obama never said it. It was a quote passed around in emails that Obama never really said.

“This is an assault on our shores, and we’re going to fight back with everything we’ve got, and that includes mobilizing the resources of the greatest military in the world,” Obama told a cheering crowd of naval airmen, Marines and others gathered in a hangar here.

Scott Wilson- Washington Post

The lie here was that there was not what most people would called a “cheering crowd”. See the Video Below-

Let’s not forget this little number-

Obama Rose from Poverty
None of Obama’s ancestors were slaves. Obama’s father was the son of a powerful and wealthy Kenyan chief of the Luo tribe. Barack Obama did NOT grow up in the slums of some inner city. He grew up in Hawaii, and was raised by his well-of grandparents who loved him dearly and who paid the hefty tuition to a pricey prep school so Obama could have the benefit of a superior education.)