Lie: You didn’t Build That!

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Here’s just a few examples of how we did build it…


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  1. He’s so obviously saying that those who built businesses didn’t build the infrastructure that allowed them to build a business. Roads so their goods could be transported. An education system so they had educated workers. A legal system so that patents could be protected.

    You have every right to criticize Obama on his record and what he says, but be truthful. He’s not saying people didn’t build their businesses – and anyone who says he is is either lying, or misinformed.

  2. Then apparently a whole lot of American citizens have been misinformed. Not just one person took offense to this. American business owners heard this speech and answered back. Maybe it’s not what he meant, but he said it and it pissed a whole bunch of people off; especially my family, the builders of a very successful business.

  3. And whos tax money built the educational system & infrastructure Chris? Even if that’s what he meant he’s still wrong; entrepreneurs did build their business & paid for the infrastructure around it.

  4. Some individuals managed to drink the entire punch bowl of Koolaid and have lost touch with reality. In such cases, these people require help and we are all here to give it. Keep on Keepin on Chris we’re all pulling for ya! every liberal grows up at some point. God Bless America! Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

  5. But Admin, it wasn’t just the entrepreneurs who contributed to the taxes that funded the infrastructure was it? All of us, every American pays taxes that allow these small businesses to grow. If anybody at the convention bothered to pay attention to context, it’d become very clear that Obama is just giving credit to tax-payers and highlighting the significance of our contributions in supporting businesses.

  6. If you weren’t so clueless you would be directing your anger at Romney for lying to you by blatantly taking Obama out of context, but Romney knows that he can get away with it because he knows how gullible Republican voters like you really are.

  7. @Ashley Yes, that is true, and coincidentially a whole lot of Americans tune in to the conservative shows and radio stations that spread this message. Obama is quoted out of context on purpose to distort his message. He didn’t say that, he said that your business relies on public services to be successful – nothing more, nothing less.

    @admin It is true, that tax money built the infrastructure but that tax money comes from tax payers who, for the largest part, work for someone else and don’t build their own company.
    When you build a business on the infrastructure and education of the taxpayer you use a public good that you didn’t built but merely helped fund.

    @Michael A very insulting point of view that depicts liberalism as immature and foolish. It is neither. It is the acceptance, that government intervention is a neccessity in our lives. A lack of Government leads to anarchy, a lack of regulation leads to inequality and depressions. Grown ups know how to cooperate, grown ups know better than blindly demanding that the government should srhink.

  8. @Thomas & #Citizen The top 10 percent pay 70% of the tax burden. So it’s not true to say “that tax money comes from tax payers who, for the largest part, work for someone else”. And it’s not just the owners that build companies. Their employees too. The credit should be given to all that helped but clearly the majority of the Risk and initiative is on the business owner. Employees wouldn’t have any taxes to give it wasn’t for employers.

  9. Anybody with half a brain can see what he is doing to our country. He is bankrupting us, and is no friend of small business. Whenever people that work are outnumbered by those on the dole taking government handouts, the nation is in trouble. The left wants people to be banking on the government for their very lives, which destroys our initiative to create and take care of ourselves. I will say, however, that Obama must really love poor folks, he is creating more of them everyday! Get a clue, lefties.

  10. To evaluate the truthfulness of “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen”, we have to compare assets of future entrepreneurs and others. And whatever is common to both, we subtract from both as non-contributory.

    Were “good teachers” had by both groups? Yes. Take them out. Did both groups have roads and bridges? Yes. Take those out. Did fire departments, police and other community-based helps exist for both? Yes. Out. Were there banks and loans available to both? Yes. Out. eventually, we boil down the reason some have successful businesses and others don’t: some were ambitious, and others weren’t.

    Now once again: who built it?

  11. The top 10% (read business owners) pay over 70% of federal income tax collected. They DO pay for those roads. And, those roads don’t make their businesses successful they share the road with all of the unsuccessful businesses.. It really is their hard work and intelligence that makes the difference. Y’all keep trying to twist his class warfare-baiting remarks into something palatable! Well, keep trying!

  12. Even if Obama said what others say he meant, this is an awfully weak point, scarcely worth rallying around (even though he’ll make a meal out of anything at this point). That government build some of the infrastructure? Great! No one denies that. But no one cares either. What are we supposed to do, be impressed by roads? Make holidays to roads and bridges? Talk about our great education system? By the way, aren’t we way behind in both of those categories?

    Obama and his administration didn’t build it either. But the way he talks about it, you’d think he did. So why scold the vast majority of Americans with some stupid point? Should we all stop what we’re doing and thank government or praise their efforts like Kim Jong Il made his citizens do? Sing O great leader? This is the type of crap that pisses people off.

  13. Clear example of an obvious lie about Obama lying. The source apparently has no idea what truth or lies means.

  14. Even though I have worked for someone else most of my life, I never worked for a poor person. Don’t know of anyone else who ever got a paying job from a poor person. Every job I ever had was working for someone who had been successful at building their own business. No, they didn’t always do it alone, but they financed, planned, directed and hired those who did the work. It was their idea, their finances, their persistence and their business. Even as I worked for those who were successful, I personally BUILT MY OWN successes during both my military, and my civilian employment. I am also responsible for my own failures. I’ve had my share of those too. But the failures were used as stepping stones to success. The only time you truly fail is when you fail to try. Mr. Obama, THEY DID BUILD THAT!

  15. Hate me some Libtard on September 7th, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Obama’s comment is idiotic, regardless of whether it’s taken out of context or not. ALL taxpayers pay for, and all tax payers enjoy the benefits of infrastructure that is managed by government (local, state, federal).

    Yes, some of the larger businesses are getting tax breaks (that’s decided on a local or a state level, not the federal level), and while I’m on the fence when it comes to agreeing with that, I understand that it’s a trade off. Big businesses will actually generate tax revenue because of all the jobs they create. Those workers will be paying taxes: payroll, sales, property, etc.

    Once again Obama’s comment is idiotic when when it’s taken int he correct context. Whom does that idiot think PAYS for the infrastructure?

  16. The irony of this is if a business owner DID get help, chances are they got help from venture capitalists like Romney and Bain Capital!!! Bain helped the Weather Channel get off of the ground. The scary thing is the number of people who are actually stupid enough to believe Obama and the Democrats when they tell their flagrant lies because it’s apparently easier than finding out the actual truth. It’s a shame that those who are too lazy to research the truth aren’t also too lazy to vote.

  17. Matthew Phillips on September 14th, 2012 at 9:33 am

    It’s clear that people will interpret Obama’s meaning as they see fit. My interpretation is that nothing happens in isolation. Without the collectivism of taxes, there wouldn’t be the base infrastructure that makes America great. Without the money of customers, business owners would not have anything. It is right to be proud of your life’s work, but it must be taken in the context of the great collaboration that is America.

  18. Let’s allow business to opt of paying taxes, but also forego the use of all government services and see how they do.

    Peabrains – stop listening to the lies

  19. @Admin:You posted
    “@Thomas & #Citizen The top 10 percent pay 70% of the tax burden. So it’s not true to say “that tax money comes from tax payers who, for the largest part, work for someone else”. And it’s not just the owners that build companies. Their employees too. The credit should be given to all that helped but clearly the majority of the Risk and initiative is on the business owner. Employees wouldn’t have any taxes to give it wasn’t for employers.”

    When I read what you typed: So it’s not true to say “that tax money comes from tax payers who, for the largest part, work for someone else”

    And then I read what Thomas said: “Employees wouldn’t have any taxes to give it wasn’t for employers”

    Aren’t those two statements the saying the EXACT same thing????????? WTF are you arguing with him for when both of you agree????

    Go Home, Sit Down, and Shut Up!

  20. anyone who hangs on to this ‘you didn’t build that’ phase to attack obama shouldn’t be allowed to have a voice in politics. i don’t like obama, but manipulating this phase to further your cause makes you a piece of of crap.

    sure, the people pay the taxes, but without the government, who would implement the decision to allot the money to public goods? perhaps another body of people, which would end up being a government?

    plus, how on earth do you come up with the conclusion that romney is going to be truthful, unlike obama? his lies and contradictions have been already emerging throughout the campaign. furthermore, romney/ryan’s plans for this country are dumber than something i could come up with. seriously, i don’t don’t understand.

  21. So who paid the taxes that paid for all the infrastructure?

  22. It is absolutely scurrilous that Obama would speak this way; and it’s only natural that such talk would spawn the insulted and incensed responses from Nevada and Virginia.


    Not so. The speech was meticulously and maliciously edited by persons with absolutely no shame to make Obama sound demeaning to entrepreneurs. All that’s left is to play this edited crap to entrepreneurs while rolling the cameras; it’s partisan drama gold, I tell ya! All heat, and no light: Exactly the way trogs like it!

    The money system is a human manufactured system. American industrial inertia–what little is left of it–very much owes to a carefully crafted economic system which was tooled to grease the skids of entrepreneurship. Yes, you did build *that*… but you need to stop and take a look at the incredible infrastructure–and I’m talking about a *lot* more than just roads and bridges–that is essential foundation for any viable business.

    One of the ironies of this situation–in which videos and mindsets like these get any traction whatsoever–is that it’s partly a sad by-product of well-run government. The better-run a government is, the more transparent the operation of its services; and hence it’s more likely that monied folks who succeed in America will look right through these services, when they even bother to turn their heads.

    And then they feel affronted when someone takes a minute out to remind them that they need to pony up and support a system that (transparently) supported them.

    The real danger to the American way of life is that, in their zeal to have it both ways–to not invest AND cash in, at the same time!–the people who claim to be its value creators are going to stifle in the wastes that start piling up as the economy continues its downward trajectory.

    But, y’know, this is easily nipped in the bud, by simply pointing out the total lack of morals of the people who engineered these video spectacles. They cannot claim innocence of an editing job that reeks of total disrespect for simple veracity.

  23. If businesses, didn’t build off or near and operate off/near roads built by “govt. entities”, then wouldn’t these roads lead to no where? How would or who would pay for said roads but the average tax payer through their property taxes. As a former business owner, I had to maintain the roads, build parking lots and sidewalks. I, through taxes after paying for installation of water, sewer and gas lines had to pay massive taxes on top of services. I lived not too far from the business and while my homes property taxes were above 15k, the businesses taxes were above 40k. The school taxes were killer???? Yet the school distric was poor. Guess what, we did build it either way.

  24. I totally disagree with Chris on August 19th, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Chris: He’s so obviously saying that those who built businesses didn’t build the infrastructure that allowed them to build a business.

    Obama: I am always so struck by people who think, wow, it must be because well I’m just so smart …. it must be because I worked harder than anyone else … let me tell you something, if you have a business, you didn’t build that … somebody else made that happen!

    Karen: Shame on you Mr. President! My brother worked 10 years as a heating and air conditioning man before making the big step of opening his first business! The road has been, to say the least, rough! In the early years, my brother and sister even sacraficed their own paychecks (barely making ends meet) to make sure the employees of the company took home a paycheck so they could feed their families! My brother has never taken a vacation (1 day when my mom passed back in 2004). He is constantly worrying about health insurance for his employees and so much other red tape involved for small business owners. So much for small business owners …. we know what it’s all about and it has nothing to do with what Obama has “done for us” … rather what we can do for him!

    @Chris … yes I listened and re-listened and viewed many other articles/news reports …. there is no getting around it… Obama tried (as always in my opinion) to turn the table—
    I am usually non-partisan … I always look at the candidates, disect the information and chose the best man for the job, but enough is enough. This is just one of many Criticisms I could post about our current President. Fact is … thank God we can post and discuss these issues without having the fear of being thrown in prison. That is a right our founding fathers laid down for us in the Constitution, not one that Obama paved with infrastructure! Come on … really?
    God Bless America …. let’s get back to the basics ….

  25. Okay… so the gov’t built the roads and infrastructure. And the gov’t paid teachers to teach future entrepreneurs. That’s fine… but it’s about equal opportunity and what you do with that opportunity. Infrastructure and teachers are there for all Americans, so ANYONE could start and build a business, but not everyone does. Give credit when and where credit is due… to those willing to take a chance on their dream.

    Obama was wrong in his statement; he was the wrong choice for America 4 years ago; and he’s the wrong choice for President in 2012.

  26. Ok I love Romney as much as anyone else on this blog, but did anyone else not watch the clip of Obama’s speech? he said that business owners didn’t build all the roads and bridges that they use to ship products. He isn’t talking about the business that the business owner made.

    Yes, if you start a business you made and it your the one helping america. But what we should be focusing on is how bad our situation is NOW, we are still close to 8% percent unemployment… I don’t care if that is ‘relatively good’ because at the end of the day ‘relatively good’ doesn’t put food on the table… that is what we should be focusing on.

    Obama doesn’t think that we didn’t make our companies, as a matter of fact he’s happy that we are making our businesses… because he is benefiting on our hard work. what we need to emphasize is that WE are dropping the unemployment, not him… government jobs have dropped more under Obama than in recent history… all part of balancing our budget, which he hasn’t done… and it the private sector that saving his butt and getting america back to work. So remember while Obama is putting America out of work by reducing the number of government jobs, its the rest of America that is picking up the slack!!!

    Romney/Ryan 2012

  27. The thing is…businesses did NOT need the government to build any infrastructure. There are plenty of private companies that can build infrastructure, but hard for them to compete with the Union thugs that are controlled by the govt and give money to the dem’s campaigns.

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