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After months of ranking #2 on Google for Obama Lies. Google has given us the boot. Not because our site isn’t relevant. But Because Google itself is a pawn in the hands of the Obama Administration.

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Now for more on why Google Lies:

Google Lies

Contrary to what Google says, Google shapes their traffic. The determine who ranks, or who doesn’t rank. And they bury those that they disagree with.

  1. Google is in bed with the Obama Administration

    Katie Stanton, Director of Citizen Participation
    Katie Jacobs Stanton joins the New Media team as Director of Citizen Participation. Prior to this role, Stanton was at Google where she was a Principal in the New Business Development team responsible for OpenSocial, Google Moderator, and various election-related initiatives. Also at Google, Stanton managed several real-time vertical products including Google Finance, Google News, and Blog Search. Stanton joined Google from Yahoo! where she helped build the investing program on Yahoo! Finance as well as lead Yahoo Finance’s growth internationally. Prior to Yahoo!, Stanton worked for Chase as an Associate in the Corporate Emerging Markets group. Her professional experience also includes a Fellowship at the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, a volunteer position in Kenya, and a teaching role in Japan. Stanton has an MA in International Affairs at Columbia University and a BA in Political Science from Rhodes College.

  2. Google ranks Obama Supporters Higher than Obama’s Critics

    Remember our post about

  3. Google’s mantra of Do No Evil is a Lie

    Does a company that proclaims do no evil shape traffic to fit their political ideals?


5 Responses to “Google Lies”

  1. Google is part of the totalitarian power grab. They not only spy for the B. Hussen brown shirts, they actively promote Big Brother Eye. From mapping, street view photos of your private residence and on-line medical documentation, Google is slowing slipping Big Brother’s foot in everyone’s front door. This plays well with the Presidentail Usurper, B. Hussein, who can’t even turn over his birth certificate like everyone else has to do for jobs below the Messiah’s pay grade. Google, like Der Usurper, makes for a wonderful tag team in establishing Socialism.

  2. You have left off the fact that Jonathan SOROS is on the board of Google and You Tube is also owned by them. The most scathing, effective and accurate videos against Obama are ALL removed and scrubbed. This has been going on for months and now they are attempting to erase history. They want the caucus fraud erased, they want the lies erased..over one hundred and fifty Blogs were shut down in one day during the primary. ALL were anti Obama. Google called it some sort of \glitch\ or another lie excuse. Funny how all those blogs were telling the truth about Obama and were not favorable but, all the pro MR. Obama blogs were not touched. Right now if you want to keep anything stop using Google!! Get Scroogle or Clusty or another search engine. Use other video sites other than You Tube and download and SAVE everything you don’t want going \poof!\ from the net. Scrubbing has been going on for over a year.

    Google even admitted to ranking search pages in Obama’s favor last year with the excuse of not wanting to be \racist\ But every time you googled any of his opposition you got the most disgusting links imaginable and Google didn’t have a problem with it.

    The media has been manipulated to favor this mans \magical\ rise.

    Since I had a relative in China last year, I was reading the \People’s Daily\ fully expecting to get a scrubbed version of propaganda. What I learned shocked me. Our media is less honest and more full of propaganda than theirs is. Wake up America! Do your own homework. Obama and his media frauds and the DNC have pulled the wool over your eyes and are now hiding the truth from you on purpose.

  3. This plays well with the Presidentail Usurper, B. Hussein, who can’t even turn over his birth certificate like everyone else has to do for jobs below the Messiah’s pay grade.

  4. [...] can communicate with anyone (given the channel’s current status), could the fact that Jonathan Soros is on the Board of Google (and probably not just to be an honorary member with no voice) mean this the emergence of how the [...]

  5. Google and Obama in bed together.
    If a way to block lesser people (such as the handicapped) is possible they will do it.
    Google has developed a reCAPTCHA that is harder and sometime impossible to solve. And use of widows magnifier is no help. Hence blocking and/or making a person buy new software to use and solve. God forbid a person have visual and hearing impairments. That person is just out of luck.
    Time has gone from 20 minutes to 40+ to complete the same task before the ink blot reCAPTCHA got started. Several of us consider sights that use this google mess as being handicapped un-friendly and are seeking alterative company’s to deal with.
    And Obama has found ways to hurt the few by creating a blanket penalty system that hits handicapped people as well as the true crooks that are not limited.
    Wonder what is next?
    Had to get help to post as you use this reCAPTCHA I am talking about.

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