Four Years of Lies in one Video

This video review of Obama highlights some of the most important lies from Obama over the past four years.

Here’s just a few of the big issues covered:


Healthcare Takeover: Cost, Keep your doctor, rob medicare, Single Payer

No Tax increases on the Middle Class

It’s not a Tax

Be Fair in Taxes GM, GE


Shovel Ready Jobs


National Debt



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  1. Four Years of Lies in one Video: This video review of Obama highlights some of the most important lies… #tcot #p2

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  3. Four Years of Lies in one Video:

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    Four Years of Lies in one Video

  6. Lies…? anybody can play that game…Four Years of Lies in one Video

  7. re unemployment, actually the unemployment rate peaked in 2009 at 10% and has fallen almost steadily since then — it’s now 7.8%, exactly what it was in January 2009, when Obama was inaugurated. Perhaps you didn’t notice that Obama inherited a financial crisis almost as bad as the Great Depression. He wasn’t able to enact as much stimulus as was needed because Republican congresspeople were intent on blocking almost everything he offered. Perhaps unemployment would be lower now if those legislators cared more about the country than they do about getting back the presidency.

  8. Sonia, perhaps you should get your facts in order before sounding quite ignorant..Obama didn’t inherit anything that wasn’t hidden. When O took office the country had the lowest unemployment, low rates and he had the democrats in the house and senate. OBAMA is a liar, yes, Bush took us to war only because he was saving our lives. He was in office for 8 months when he recieved the terror attacks. We’ve been safe since he implemented laws..Obama came in and spent more than ALL presidents combined which caused a huge deficit, pur dollar is fading, the country will mirror Greece with Obamas crazy absurd spending. Perhaps your in the middle class, well just know Jan. 1st Obama will srnd you a huge bill that you didn’t know about due to your ignorance of not doing your own research. I assume you feel bad for big bird? Did you know big bird is RICH, the government doesnt need to fund PBS, they steal money for Obama phones while idiots breed more idiots who sit on their lazy ass and don’t want to work for $10 hr. Romney will change the current status quo!

  9. There is a whole lot of ignorant going on here. LOL. OMG. I am looking at you annie. This site is too funny. Not one of the lies you claim is an actual lie, it’s just a difference of opinion. I hope to see a lot of heads exploding when Obama wins another term.

  10. This website is garbage. The GOP is doomed.

  11. @ Sonia. Actually the unemployment rate is almost the exact same as it was in 2009 as it is today. During his administration it spiked up dramatically and is now starting to follow a downward trend sort off.

  12. I find it interesting that the Obama administration, supporters and Barrack himself continue the “blame” platform. I can not think (I’m sure there have been some) of any president, CEO, coach, manager, any leader of any sort that has inherited a difficult task then continually blames everyone else for not accomplishing their goals. I’m not discounting the overall challenge, but true leaders step up and take accountability for their success or failures.

  13. @ Sonia and Susan–You’re all sheep that fall for the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS bunk. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that surplus in January 2001 based on the assumption that the economy would keep growing at the late 1990s rate, that the stock market bubble would continue and generate record revenues, and that there would be no recessions, terrorist attacks or natural disasters, and that all discretionary spending would fall to 1930s levels.Those assumptions, as we now know, were miles off target, and the anticipated surplus never materialized.
    From the years 2002 to 2011, the United States ran a deficit of about $6.1 trillion — an $11.7 trillion swing from what CBO projected. At a cost of $1.7 trillion, the Bush tax cuts only account for 14% of that amount. Blaming those tax cuts for today’s debt just doesn’t add up.
    So, then, it’s the undunded wars and medicare part D? Here’s to your lack of research again….Those policies were implemented in the early 2000s, and through 2008, annual deficits ranged from $160 billion to $458 billion annually. But in 2009, after President Obama took office, that number shot up to $1.4 trillion. How could existing policies with stable costs suddenly triple the annual deficit?
    And Obama’s making matters worse. Under his budget, mandatory spending increases by $1.16 trillion through 2022 while producing cumulative deficits of $6.4 trillion. Meanwhile, the president does nothing to reform the tax code or to tackle the entitlement spending crisis, leaving the future even worse than the present.
    And if you buy the sequestration lie, there’s no hope for you. There are no cuts in that bill, just spending increase reductions. Yeah, that’s supposed to be confusing. The politician’s count on it…

  14. A true leader leads, he accepts the consequences of his actions he does not blame others for HIS shortcomings. He Does not LIE when the truth is obvious Fast&Furious, Libya, are some prime examples. A movie caused the deaths in Libya (He would really like us to believe that bunch of horse puckies) I wonder if the White house spokesman Carney is really that stupid and having Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice lie for you to boot. Here is his latest lie on Libya He stated in a letter to congress that he telephoned no one on 9-11-2012 now he says he called Hilary Clinton yet on video Carney is saying that no one was called. It seems Liberals do not have a problem with a LIAR maybe because they are used to lying about all sorts of things to get their handouts. After all Obama got a free education based on that he portrayed himself as a foreign student and even said so himself when he ran for Senate that he was ineligible to be president because he was foreign born. We must demand the Lies stop

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