The word “cheap” is not something you would normally associate with divorce lawyers, however, if you would only do research, you will see that “cheap” and “divorce attorney” can actually be part of the same sentence. This is true wherever you may be in the United States, and especially if you live in Columbus, Ohio.

We did a little research and found that you can actually hire a lawyer to handle your divorce for $600 – $750 for the complete dissolution of your marriage, and $650 – $800 for an uncontested divorce. If you think that is cheap, it is, and we doubt you will be able to find something cheaper. But feel free to do your own research, though.

Divorce Attorney

Divorce Fee Depend Upon Complexity of Case

In any case, just because an attorney is cheap, it does not mean that you should get cheap services too. Divorce is a fairly simple legal procedure.In cases where both parties agree to get divorced, the judge can dissolve the marriage fairly quickly, and even in cases of no-contest divorce, where only one party is filing, the courts are never inclined to give couples a hard time becoming an un-couple.

What can Make Divorce Difficult?

One thing that can make divorce difficult for soon-to-be divorced couples is the prospect of seeing their spouse in person. In most cases, and especially when the marriage ended in bitter terms, the prospect of seeing the other person is enough cause for nausea. Thankfully, though, with a divorce attorney, you do not need to appear in person, you can have your lawyer appear in court on your behalf.

Check Reviews and Ratings of the Lawyers

As we said before, just because there are cheap attorneys, it does not mean you will also get cheap service. It’s really up to you to get the best service that money can buy. That said, before you hire any lawyer, make sure that you check out the reviews and the star ratings of the so-called cheap lawyers.

Explore Attorneys Online

Go to and type in the different lawyers’ names and see which ones enjoy high star ratings. If not Yelp, there are many websites out there that specialize in featuring lawyers that have been reviewed by their peers and the clients. Websites like FindLaw do just that.

But don’t be content with the ratings, though, make sure you check out the website of your state bar association and see if there have been any complaints that are not related to not paying star bar fees that have been lodged against the divorce attorney.

Once you are sure that you have a good lawyer (at least as far as your research can tell), it’s time to ask for a consultation. If your case is not complicated, meaning that you do not have substantial assets to divide or children to think of go ahead and hire any lawyer. But if you have substantial assets or children, make sure to sit and consult with at least three lawyers to make sure that you are getting the best service.

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