ABC Reports on Obama’s Healthcare Lies

Abc reports on Obama's LiesOut of 86.7 million Americans “without health care coverage” Obama had the simple job of finding a few health care horror stories. ABC reports that

In either instance, the stories, as the president told them, were not accurate.

This isn’t news for us because we knew from prior experience that President Obama would lie. We believe the only question is were there real health care horror stories out there and Obama just feels more comfortable telling lies, or where there now horror stories to be found because Americans have the best health care in the world, and so some more unfortunate stories had to be embellished to sell the presidents agenda.
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ABC Author Jake Tapper mentions that Fact-checking the legitimately heart-breaking anecdotes of real Americans in a thankless task. Well we’d like to thank Jake Tapper for being a real Journalist in a time where many Journalists are just trying to push their agenda, not the truth.

An obvious lie that hasn’t gotten any coverage is Obama’s statement suggesting that doctors choose amputation because they get better compensation than if they were to prevent diabetes worsening.

Or that doctors remove tonsils to get paid better.


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  1. To start with, surgeons remove tonsils and amputate limbs. Parents do not take their children to surgeons to have tonsil problems treated. Surgeons also do not treat diabetes. Usually G.P.’s, pediatricians or endochronologists treat these things. So how do the people who treat the disease/problem make more money by amputating/removing when they don’t do it?

    I’ve done searches and fees for both surgeries are generally between
    650 and $3000. How does this come up to $30,40 50 thousands. Man this man can lie like no other.

  2. The AMA responds to Obama’s lie about what medicare covers for an amputation

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