A Look Back at Obama’s Healthcare Promises

The government is in shutdown, and the first days of Obamacare are here. October first saw the opening of the healthcare exchange and the launch of the exchange website. After its launch, the website came crashing down. High traffic and severe technical problems have brought the website to a standstill. This has made the unpopular law even more unpopular and has effected President Obama’s now all-time low approval rating, which is now at 37%. With the public now focusing on Obamacare and trying to find the merits among the many faults, we are going to go back and evaluate a couple of healthcare promises that the President made:

“You can keep your current plan”

As comforting as this statement was when President Obama made it, he had no idea of the economics behind the scenes. Take a look at just a couple of companies like IBM and Time Warner. IBM is now dropping tens of thousands of Retirees from their health insurance plan, and telling them to find another provider of insurance.

Companies are now beginning to cut the hours of their employee’s in order to avoid the 30 hour full-time threshold. For larger companies, once the 30 hour work week is passed, they have to provide healthcare to their employees. Take a look at the fast food industry. Companies across the country are cutting employee’s hours to part-time in order to save on insurance costs.

“Lower health care premiums by $2,500”

If you want the answer to this question, ask people around you if their premiums have gone down. Across the country the exact opposite is happening. Premiums are rising, and its foolish for the president to say that after adding millions of new people to the health care systems the premiums will go down.According to Forbes, Obamacare will increase the premium of an individual by 99% for men, and 62% for women.


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