0bama says he’s a Christian

Submission by Sam

0bama says he is a Christian. Then talks about un-Biblical “collective salvation”. There is not one mention of ‘collective salvation’ in the 0bama context to be found in the Bible. The only time ‘collective salvation’ is mentioned in the NT refers to the salvation all individual Christians share because they are in Christ. There is no mention in the Bible & it’s New Testament that one can only become a Christian unless some one else does also.


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  1. I sure as hell would not piss on it if it was on fire

  2. Just letting you know the first video has been removed by user. Got a replacement?

  3. Committing yourself to Christ doesn’t mean you can sin “on a regular basis” … it means you will TRY to achieve being Christ like. None of us will ever achieve that goal, but being a Christian definitely has a different definition than our Mr. President’s! You can’t sin, Mr. President, on a “fairly regular basis” and try to speak like an Angel! It all lies within the belief that Christ died for our sins and committing ourselves to our Christian beliefs is sacred … shame on you for using religion … and not even using it correctly!

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